Life: busy week & celebration

It was an hectic week. Missions are lining up for me (work trips that for some reason we call it missions!).

7/8-7/10: Managua, Nicaragua

7/17-7/30: Hawaii (vacation)

early August: Managua, Nicaragua

8/18-8/23: Santiago, Chile

😯 Yeah… I organized all these in a matter of 3 days. Not ideal, but that’s life! πŸ™‚

The biggest reward after a busy day of week is drive back and have this little girl waiting for me at the playground, with this face!



I had Friday off so we enjoyed a fresh lunch together


someone is crawling full horse and full house!!! Nothing stops her to explore the world house


I ordered a gate for the stairs to the basement but it didn’t work out.


I bought another one, it didn’t work either. 😦 Final setting? Move the sofa to block the entry



now Sofia, you’re a free girl!


Saturday: we had friends coming over to our place who I give them my milk. 😯 My friend’s baby is 10 weeks old and she’s been supplementing him with formula, so when she heard that I was going to donate milk, she asked for it. Of course, I gave her instead of donating to a milk bank because I know her and it’s so much better to know who gets my very precious milk. In total I gave her 80 bags of 6 oz. pumped milk. That’s 480 oz. of LIQUID GOLD!!! I sweat for each drop of it! I won’t lie to say I was happy, I was sad… very sad!!! I put so much effort to pump all those milk for my baby, and now someone else is going to take it. Obviously that’s better than let them going bad… but still… it’s hard to let them go. The reason that I had to do this despite how sad I am is that the freezer I bought is full. We’ve been putting the extra milk to the fridge freezer, and that doesn’t store well for longer than 3 months. Now that we’re finally even out. Sofia takes almost exactly what I pump. So I gave all the ones I had in the fridge freezer and keeping the separate freezer as full as it fits for “emergency” and days that I’ll be traveling.


Sunday: we went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate mom’s 63 birthday and Sofia’s 9 months.


she was a naughty girl there… wanted to play with a spoon but got hurt by herself



Mom had the pizza salad lunch combo. Cesar salad


and everything pizza


I got the skinnylicious asian lettuce wrap


it was good but not super.. I find the dressing too sweet.

And the raspberry lemon cheesecake


Happy Birthday mom: I love you so much!


oh… I made some sweet potato muffins for Sofia using Elizabeth’s recipe. Let’s see how she likes it πŸ˜‰


A busy week ahead for me but I’ll embrace it, enjoy even more the time I spend with Sofia because the following week I’ll be away from her for 3 whole days!!! 😯 I don’t want to talk about how I feel. 😦


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  1. Lots of travelling ahead! Wow! You will be a busy girl for sure! Sofia is getting so big. Crawling already. Time sure flies. πŸ™‚

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