Life: new cuttie face & new milestone

This is Sofia’s latest cute face! I can’t get over with it, it’s just soooo cute! I probably look at this pic 100 times at work. 🙂


This week she suddenly developed a new movement: she can turn to sides looking for her toy.


She’d push her hands, lift her butt a bit and turn to the side where the toy is.


If the toy is too further away, she can always find the way to get it: mini belly-crawling, rolling, lean forward.


It’s so fun to watch her find the way to get what she wants. 🙂 She’s such an independent girl. When something is out of her reach, she wouldn’t cry to ask us to get it for her. She either manages to get it, or she gives up.

This week I booked our vacation in Cancun for mid-july, 7 nights at Moon Palace Resort. Can’t wait to go there and play with my girl! 🙂

Saturday: farmer’s market,  groceries, Before Midnight, the sequel of one of my favorite movie of all time. I watched Before Sunset in 2004 and immediately watched Before Sunrise in DVD. I absolutely love both! And this last one did not disappoint. It’s such a FANTASTIC realistic romantic film, I feel so connected to it.



Sunday started with fluffy coconut pancakes, PB2 sauce and maple syrup


followed by 90 min of hot yoga


Sofia’s lunch: chicken patties (organic grounded chicken, oatmeal, mushroom and egg yolk, fried in olive oil) and tomato


she finished all the tomatoes and half of the patties. Good girl! 🙂

She napped well.


I had to wake her up. She was upset


but just for 10 secs.


She knew I was going to take her out, so immediately started smiling as we prepared to leave.

I had a facial appointment


mom and Sofia walked around Georgetown


and then I reunited with them


we did some window shopping


When I go out with Sofia, I’m not interested in buying cloth for myself. I’m too focus to find cute outfit for her. For me, I’d rather do it alone so I don’t have to worry about taking too long to browse around. 😉 You, fellow moms, when do you do shopping for yourself?

It was a short but lovely weekend. Sofia was so happy all the time and it makes us soooo happy! I realized that since Sofia’s arrival, and even more lately, I’ve been laughing and smiling so much more. Many times, when I’m alone, at work, while driving, before falling asleep, I’d think Sofia and a smile comes effortlessly.

Q: What makes you smile lately?

Q: What’t your summer vacation plan?



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5 responses to “Life: new cuttie face & new milestone

  1. Cutie!!

    I want to see those movies (the “before” series) – I keep hearing how good they are!

  2. Look at that little face! My kids are older and yet I still find that I buy more for them than myself. I think it’s a “Mom” thong. LOL

  3. Ohhhh so glad you shared about those movies! I’ve actually never heard of them but I think I’m kind of in the mood for a film that is sweet, fun, and actually GOOD, haha. And omgness her face looks soooo adorable that I don’t blame you for looking at it constantly. And what makes me smile is that I’ll have Selah here soon! But it makes me cringe for a tad second knowing that it will be painful 😛

  4. Sofia is so cute! Great photos!

    Going shopping with kids is tricky. When they are in a stroller you have to be quick and when they turn into toddlers (and don’t like the stroller that much anymore) it’s pretty much impossible. The kid is 5 now and actually helped me pick out clothes the other day. I followed his advice, and it was fun! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  5. Too funny! Kevin just started doing that same face! I guess they discover their ability to do that at this age 🙂

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