Life: bottles & 2-day retreat

Sofia still refuses to bottles and our attempt to keep trying new bottles continued. So far no success. These two sip cups are two very different systems, one with a straw, one without any valves, the only thing she has to do is gently sip. But this girl hasn’t figure it out. 😦


we even tried a new bottle with 6+ months nipple.  Nop, she still doesn’t like it. 😦


Next step: plastic cup or spoon.

The rest of the week was fantastic. I had a two-day retreat from work and I brought Sofia and mom with me again. The hotel is located in Georgetown, a fancy trendy neighbor in DC. Our room


Sofia’s crib. Second time around, so much easier for her to fall asleep. 😉


the view from our room


She had her own “couch”


she hates applying sunscreen


out and about to explore DC.


We had a delicious european breakfast: french toast made with brioche bread with berries sauce



Sofia and mom went for morning and afternoon walks; Sofia often fell asleep. When she wants to nap, she can nap anywhere


The theme of the retreat was Innovation. And look who was one of our special guest speaker: Jose Andres, the chef of mini bar.


In case you don’t know, I’m an economist and work for an international organization. There’s no way I could think my job would relate to a chef, but well…. we definitely can learn about innovation from anyone, including a famous chef. He is a great presenter, fun, entertained and insightful. He’s not only a chef but quite an entrepreneur. He’s in love with Haiti and is doing great job helping people there to recover from the earthquake.

Another interesting speaker was someone from Behavioral Insight Team from UK. It was eye opening. Did you know that adding one sentence that is a fact in a letter could increase tax compliance by more than 10%? This is exactly what they did: to the original tax compliance reminder letter, they add in between the following “9 out of 10 people in UK pays tax on time”! And bang, more people started to pay tax on time. 😯

We also got someone from NASA, another one from Telefonica to talk about innovation. Really interesting stuff! I can’t wait to put what I’ve learned into work! Exciting! I love my job! 😆

Q: Does your job excite you? How and why?



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4 responses to “Life: bottles & 2-day retreat

  1. Sounds like a fun 2 days away! And Sofia is becoming quite the little traveler, isn’t she? 🙂

  2. Laika

    Sofia will learn to use the sippy cup in no time. Have you tried to give her straight from a cup? I am 100% sure this is a phase and “this too shall pass”
    It’s our job as moms to worry. haha
    And same with Yohan and sunscreen. Many time I am not able to roll it on completely so it looks like war paint on his little face 🙂
    I love that you can take your daughter and mom to retreats. What perfect bonding opportunity!

  3. What a fun two-day retreat! You weren’t far from my house – I live in Dupont Circle, and am usually in Georgetown 2-3 days/week. The hotel looks absolutely fabulous, too – especially that pool! Gorgeous! And oh my goodness, Jose Andres is my favorite chef in the world. I LOVE his restaurants Jaleo and Zaytinya…Have you ever been? If not, maybe we should go to one of them rather than meeting or coffee? 🙂

    Hope you had a great Monday, Coco! ❤

  4. andreaswellnessnotes

    Sounds like a great, inspiring retreat!

    Glad bring your mom & Sofia works well!

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