Sofia: 8 months

Happy 8 months Sofia! This month you’ve became so active and fun to be with!!! I love YOU!!!

We never suspected that Sofia would be a social girl, but this month she proved us right! 😀 She’s laughing All the time and wants to be out All the time!!!


Sleep: night sleep is really good. She goes down without fuss between 7-7:30, sometimes close to 8 if she had a late nap, and doesn’t make a sound until around 5:30. My biological clock is set to wake up at 5:30 for the last 8 months, so it’s perfect that she wakes up at that time too, so I get to nurse her and then pump the other breast. After 10-15 min of nursing, she goes down and sleep until 7 ish. Nap is still not consistent although we’re getting better than last month. Although timing is not consistent she does get two naps. They are usually 45 min to 1.5 hrs. long. AM around 10:30, PM between 3-4. What we noticed is that when she’s ready for a nap, she goes down without much fuss (maybe 5-10 min of light cry). But when she doesn’t want to nap, she’d use all her energy to fight back, and in those cases, we give up.


Eating: she’s nuring twice (AM and before bed) and used to take two bottles during the day until last week. She refused bottles at all cost! She wouldn’t even want to touch it. None. Zero. Can you imagine how stressed out I became? Milk must be her main food source but she’s not taking any during the day. She does eat solid 2-3 times but she doesn’t drink any liquid from the bottle nor sip cup, so she’s peeing less. That’s definitely not enough food and liquid but we can’t do much about it. The doctor suspects it’s teething related because she stills nurses and seems happy otherwise. I got a new bottle with a faster flow, hope she takes it. She’s nursing less too, normally 10 min for the first and last feeding of the day, and if I’m home, she nurses 3-4 times 5 min each (I offer many times to encourage her to nurse but she doesn’t seem to be very interested). I’m afraid that she’s weaning. I’m not ready to end the nursing relationship yet, emotionally I’m not ready. Still not doing baby-led weaning. We tried couple of times but she just wants to play with food, throwing it, rather than eat it. We’ll keep trying.


she plays with the sip cup rather than drinks it


she likes oatmeal mixed with breast milk and egg yolk, and yogurt, that’s her favorite food!!!


she learned to put away food/breast/bottle when she doesn’t want to be fed. She’s insistent when she’s done!

Crying: she cries during nap times, BIG time. And she fuss when she wants to go out. After one week being out and surrounded by people, she wants to go out EVERY day. If by 5pm she hasn’t gone outside, she becomes really fussy. And the moment she sees mom preparing to take her out, she smiles. Naughty smart girl 😉


Milestone: she is finally sitting without assistance. Her hand control is getting better, she is now learning to eat the whole cookie instead of what’s coming out of her hand. She grabs everything at her reach and put them in her mouth. No sign of crawling although she rolls like crazy. Dressing and diaper change has became really challenging.



  • Going out! She is really excited when we go out, she’d scream out of joy, moves her whole body and belly laugh at us.
  • Meet new and old friends
  • Roll, roll, roll


  • being at the pool


  • make this funny face when she’s excited/happy




  • Being at home all day long
  • Being fed when she refuses (which last < 1 min because both mom and I don’t force her to eat, when she starts putting away food, we stop)
  • Play with the same toy for more than 10 min, and she would fuss or make this face to us


Misc: I am seriously considering to donate breast milk. I don’t know how much I have in the freezer but there’s no way Sofia will eat them all before they expire. Since I started pumping, I’ve always produced more than she takes, averaging 4-6 oz. everyday and more recently that she’s nursing less, so I estimate I have over 1000 oz. At first I’m kind of sad that all the work I’ve put to pump those golden liquid will get wasted. But then I thought if I can help some babies and moms who want the best for their baby, then it’s not all wasted. I’ll wait few more weeks to see if Sofia gets back to bottles, and estimate how much I will donate. From what I’ve research so far, the safest organization to donate is through Human milk banking, the only place that is guaranteed that donated milk goes to NICU babies instead of some “science organization” that makes profit of it. Will report back how the process goes.

Thoughts: Sofia is such a joy. I am so blessed to have her in my life, a way that I didn’t know it was possible. Although sometimes when she’s fussy it’s hard to entertain her and be cool, but after I put her down to sleep at night, I miss her and can’t wait for the next morning to cuddle and nurse her. I know these days are counting so I appreciate each time as the last opportunity to have her as my baby who needs me in that special way.

Weight: 7 kg

Height: 68 cm


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6 responses to “Sofia: 8 months

  1. She is SO cute! I love all her dark hair…..just wait until you can put ponytails in! 🙂

  2. Laika

    Happy 8months to her! Let me email you about breastmilk donation. It’s awesome that you are able to do that!

  3. Kevin and Sofia are so much alike right down! The sleeping, eating, rolling, and social personality all sound so familiar! Naps are finally getting better for us. Kevin’s appetite has also been weird lately. He hasn’t wanted to finish his bottles. I’m wondering if he’s starting to wean as well. And as far as the rolling- sometimes I wonder if Kevin will ever crawl because he’s so good at rolling to wherever he wants to be!! Love watching our babies grow up!

  4. Oh my goshhh her faces are priceless! She is such a beautiful little girl, love her hair! I think donating your frozen milk is an awesome idea, it’s such a blessing that you were able o produce so much – now you can help a mama and baby in need!

    Hang in there with Sofia and bottle rejection, hopefully she will pick it back up soon. In the mean time, keep up with the breastmilk oatmeal haha that’s so cool!

  5. Happy eight months, sweet Sophia! She’s adorable – and growing so fast! I’m glad to hear she’s sleeping soundly through the night now – that must be so nice for you! It sounds like she’s turning out to be quite the social butterfly, too! How fun!

    As far as bottle rejection goes, I read somewhere recently that babies and young children intuitively know what they need, so I’m sure she’ll come around when her body truly needs the extra nourishment.

    Happy weekend, Coco! ❤

  6. This is such a sweet post! I can’t believe it’s almost a year already, and it almost makes me nostalgic FOR you, Coco! haha…She’s so expressive, which is a really cool quality for a baby to have.

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