Currently survey

I saw this survey post on Tina’s. It’s fun so here’s the list of things that I’m currently loving πŸ˜‰

Current Book:

I finished Wild and started Blood of Brothers, kind of work related.


Current Guilty Pleasure:

picking 1-2 as dessert after every meal.


Current Nail Color:

beige-gold from last week, need to re-do it


Current Drink:

Decaf iced green tea


Current Food:

I’ve obsessed with this salad. It’s made with kale, zucchini noodles, beets all massaged in 1/2 avocado, 1 TB tahini, 1 tsp mustard, 2 TB lemon juice, 1 TB maple syrup, 1/5 block of firm tofu. YUM YUM~~~


Current Favorite Show/TV series:

Suits. For some reason, I like lawyers series. I’ve seen the good wife, damages and find them entertaining.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 4.51.32 PM

Current Wish List:

I want this pair of shoe! So pretty

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 4.46.37 PM

Current Needs:

Beach essentials. We haven’t defined the travel date yet but I think I know where we are going. πŸ™‚

Current Indulgence:

Bringing mom and Sofia with me to a 2-days retreat from work. I feel so blessed that my work place really accommodates family-needs.

Current Blessing:

My family: my parents, Star and Sofia, they’re my source of happiness, my world!!!

Q: What are your current favorites?


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