Life: an unforgettable learning experience and lots of fun

The training week went SUPERB! It was the best training I’ve ever taken. We were a group of 17 “students” (people from my cohort), two instructors and two organizers. It was a training about Leadership. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun playing different roles and just be with my friends. 🙂

Sofia and Mom also had fun, although three of us had to squeeze in a room the size my studio, but we “survived”. Look how messy the room could be when you have a baby


baby related-stuff everywhere


we bought everything we could think of to re-create the familiar environment for Sofia: bouncer, piano, too-many-toys, even the bath tub


I was on training from 8:30-18 everyday for four days. They joined me on all the meals, and during AM/PM 20 min breaks, I go to nurse Sofia.


Sofia adapted to the new environment pretty fast. Except for the first night (she woke up 3 times!), she slept well (from 8-5:30/6), and took two naps. There’s a mall 5 min walking  from the hotel, so mom took Sofia there everyday. 🙂 Sofia is a social girl, she loves being surrounded by people and she’s not shy to strangers. She’d look at them closely and steadily “studying” every feature of their face.


There is a indoor heated pool at the hotel


Sofia had her first pool experience


she was not afraid at all but quite amused



my colleagues play with her during the meal time. Everyone was amazed by how well behaved she is


Four days of hotel food. Although they spoiled us with good food and constant snack stations.. I was ready to get back home and eat my food.


The healthiest meal: stuffed pepper + mashed potato + steam veggies


millet, pepper and cheese as filling


Foodwise something happened  during out stay. Sofia became a bottom-less pit. She ate EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, whatever I put in front of her, she’d open her little mouth and eat it! She had cucumber, bell pepper, bread, strawberries, blueberries, melon, mashed potato, zucchini, carrot, tomato, two pots of baby food, yogurt and milk of course. Both mom and I were surprised how much she was eating and pooping. It was like she had an AHA moment and said: mmm…. this tastes good, and decided to try and eat everything. There’s nothing that she wouldn’t eat. And it made eating so much fun and easier too because we just give pieces of whatever we are eating. 😉

In addition to all the knowledge we got during those 4 days, it allowed each of us to get closer to the others, which was great! I like being with this group of people, so interesting to talk to, so fun to be with and have so many good insights. Oh…. and we got some book too


Q1: What does a good leader mean to you?

Q2: What food do you crave the most when traveling?



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4 responses to “Life: an unforgettable learning experience and lots of fun

  1. Sounds like fun! Looks like a great reading list too.

  2. Wow–what a week! I’m so glad you enjoyed training, and I’m really happy to hear Sophia adapted well to the new environment. It’s exciting that she ate so well, too! I guess she takes after her healthy mother, after all. 😉

    When I’m traveling, I definitely crave fresh vegetables, salads, and lean protein. Depending on where I am, these foods can be hard to come by!

    Hope you’re having a great week so far, Coco! ❤

  3. I’m so glad your “trip” went really well! Now it will be easier the next time you go away. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Great experience for Sofia. Her behavior is too good to believe.She is so cute and lovely that all your coworker like her.

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