Life: new assignment & new parenting book

  • I got a new assignment at work and it took me by surprise. It has been less than 3 months that I got back to work after taking almost 4 months of maternity leave. It is a new position in the organization and I had to learn a lot really fast. I was expecting that the manager will give me 6-12 months to get used to the job, the culture, the projects, the people before giving me real responsibilities that need to be handled all by myself. Well… I was wrong, or I performed better than I and they expected because I got a new assignment (a new country) to be responsible of. I’m super excited about it. The country is really interesting to work on, the team is amazing and excited about me joining them. I’m looking forward to contribute my knowledge to make it a better country.
  • Food highlight of the week: sweet & sour tempeh with veggies from the petit macro


served with french lentils with millet


and with shiritake noodles

  • On Friday, after 2 hours of waiting at the post office to apply passport for Sofia, the girl took a great nap on the carseat. Sofia behaved really well during the wait. She’s easy to be entertained on mama’s lap, sitting on the counter playing with post it, or simply “inspecting” every corner of the post office.



I like the book a lot. It opened my eyes on how to parent without being harsh but teach them life skills such as how to face failure, how to be responsible, how to self-discipline, etc. The book has two parts. The first past gives an overview of the philosophy of Love & Logic parenting. Then the second part gives specific advises on different situations: bed time, doing housework, personal finance, fights with other kids, manners, etc. I already told Star that he has to read it as soon as he comes back because I think it’s important that both parents are on board on a method in order for it to success.

Q: What’s your parenting style? or how were you raised? do you wish you were raised different?




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4 responses to “Life: new assignment & new parenting book

  1. Your new assignment sounds very interesting!

    I wasn’t really allowed to be a kid, so it’s very important to me that my children have a “real childhood.” But I also believe in setting firm limits when necessary without being harsh.

  2. laika

    Congratulations Coco! Love when good things happen to good people! And thanks for the sharing the book review.

  3. My parents were VERY strict which resulted in a lot of “sneaking around” when I was a teenager. I wasn’t a bad kid, I just wanted to be able to do what my friends did and my parents were not having it. Looking back as a Mother myself, I can see that they were just being protective however, I promised myself before I had kids that I would have a more open style of parenting, which I have stuck to. I may not like what my kids want to do/who they hang around with and I won’t lie; it is stressful at times however, I’d rather know what they are doing and who they hang out with then not know. And my kids are very aware not to “push” me too far or there will be consequences…

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