Happy Mother’s Day

I wouldn’t say motherhood changed me, I’m still myself, in and out. However, it did bring things that I didn’t think I had. It made me more patient, more tolerant, more empathetic. And most of all, it made me love my mother even more because now I know what is to be a mom, what is to be mom loving her baby girl, what is to be connected with someone even when she doesn’t know it yet.


To be a mom is to be willing to sacrifice without even considering it as a sacrifice. 

To be a mom is to be worrying constantly even when the worry is nonsense. 

To be a mom is to finally know what is unconditional love for real.


To be a mom is to not fear that no matter how much you love her, one day she might walk away, she might not need you, she might not find comfort in you, and it is okay.


I hope I can continue to enjoy her just for being her; not asking her to be someone that I want her to be although I’d like to give her few tools that will come handy to go through life. I want the best of the best for her and I’d do whatever it’s necessary to prolong the most innocent, truthful look and smile in the world.

and to my mom: the one thing I want the most is her being healthy and live long, so I can love her for much longer and better.


pic taken January 2007.



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3 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. laika

    Hope you had a great Mother’s day Coco! You are an awesome mama! Hugs.

  2. By the looks of those beautiful photos I’d say you had a fantastic Mother’s Day!!!

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