Sofia: 7 months

The biggest thing this month is that Sofia started laughing non-stop. The serious baby that we had for 6 months is gone, a new happy laughable girl is in!


Maybe this is because she started to sleep through the night? maybe!

Sleep: for two weeks she slept through the night (7:30-5 or 6) following the same night routine (bath, nurse, sleep sack with swaddle, pacifier). But one day she started to roll over. And when she does that, she raises her head and started screaming. Obviously swaddle is not possible anymore. But if we don’t swaddle, the pacifier is out in seconds, therefore she doesn’t know how to fall asleep. So we had 2 or 3 tough nights with frequent night waking and a lot of put the pacifier back attempts. So I made a decision. We need to “sleep train” her, or “teach” her to fall sleep without the pacifier. I will write a separate post about it. But overall it was easier than expected. She sleeps from 7:30pm to 5-6 or 7 am the next day without the help of pacifier nor much soothing. I would say sleep training was successful πŸ˜‰ However, naps are crappier than before. She takes 2 naps in average but they’re usually short, 45 min most of the time, 1.5 hrs few times and 30 min happens when fighting hard. Apparently, naps usually settle at the end of the two weeks training, so I’m hoping her naps get better next week.


Crying: more crying this month definitely due to sleep training, specially during the day. She could cry non-stop for an hour, if I don’t give up, she’d continue. But the funny thing is that she doesn’t remember crying much. The moment I pick her up, she stops crying and even smiles to me.


Milestone: she rolls both sides as pro. She sits by herself better but still not completely without assistance. Last month, she’d fall to the front like doing a yoga stretch, this month she’d fall to the sides. But we definitely see progress, she will be sitting in no time.


Eating: still exclusively on breast milk. She’s now into 2 feeding during the day (while I’m at work), 6 oz each time. She also eats 2 meals, although she’s still not very interested. She’d eat few tbsp and wouldn’t open her mouth again. We haven’t tried finger food yet but will start again soon. Typically, I’d nurse her in the early morning (5, 6 am and she’d sleep for an hour more), then before I leave for work (7.45), and lastly before bed (7pm). Overall she’s taking less milk than previous months (she was taking 3 bottles totaling 15-18 oz.) I was a bit worried but apparently it’s normal for babies to take less milk at 7 months (averaging 28-32 oz.).


  • Laughing. She’d laugh with sounds and movements (a video below)



  • fool us with sitting


and then falls down


being cute πŸ™‚


playing toys. This month she’s really into toys. She mastered the jumperoo and all the toys on it. She can easily play by herself for an hour or more.


try everything with her mouth! She’s grab everything in sight and put it in her mouth


She likes grabbing my hair and necklace while nursing. I’m lucky to be one of those postpartum women who DOES not suffer hair loss, otherwise I’d be bold by now.

Dislikes: naps. She refuses to nap in somedays. She hates more when I pick her up and put her down again. She’d cry furiously as I’m assassinating her. But then usually she falls sleep within the next 5 min. 😯

Weight: 15 lb. 4 oz.



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4 responses to “Sofia: 7 months

  1. SO CUTE! I an’t believe she’s 7 months already. Wow!

  2. Sofia is sooo cute! And all her outfits are adorable! Dressing a girl must be so much fun! πŸ™‚

    Glad things are going well!

  3. She is terribly adorable, Coco! I can see why she is your pride and joy! πŸ™‚

  4. Squee! I loved hearing Sophia’s laugh! What a sweetheart. How could she *not* be happy wearing that bright bathing suit? πŸ˜‰

    I can’t believe she’s already 7 months! She really is growing fast. I’m so happy to hear that everything is going (relatively) smoothly. Hopefully she’ll be able to fall asleep without her pacifier soon!


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