Life: a weekend full of tears & new hair cut

Highlight of this weekend: WE’RE SLEEP TRAINING!!! 😯

Look, someone is sleeping unswaddled, pacifier-free and face down!

We started Thursday night, and it’s still in process, so I’ll write a separate post about it.


Friday morning I made a batch of buckwheat pumpkin pancakes, soaked in PB2 sauce and maple syrup. YUM~


I had a long-list of to-do that is overdue. One of them is to buy a new pair of running shoes. My old pair is soo wore out that started to give me foot pain. I went to RoadRunners shop nearby and they offer a free foot analysis in order to find the perfect fit.


In less than 5 min of test, I was told that neutral shoes are the best for me. After trying a couple, decided for the new Asics gelCumulus 15


Then we went to hair salon, both mom and I needed a new hair cut. Sofia was there playing with her Sophie for the entire 1.5 hours without any complain. Such a good girl! 🙂



Back home, I made a new-to-me salad: massaged kale salad with tahini-avocado.


it was SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!

Sofia is mastering the jumperoo these days. She finally realized that as she jumps, the “thing” plays music for her. 🙂 She also learned how to play with the toys. Sometimes she’s so busy trying to play all of them at once so she turns around constantly. soooo cute!!!


On Saturday we went to the mall. We got new cloths for Sofia, here’s my new hair cut. Yeah~ I cut it short by accident. I told the guy to cut as short as possible but still letting me to tie it. Well… I think he overdid it a bit. I can’t tie it now. But I like how it turned out. Sometimes we need to adventure a bit and get out of comfort zone, even when it comes to hair style. Don’t you think?


Sleep training continued!!!


Q: How often do you change your hair style? I think I had the same hair style for 20+ years!!! yes, like forever! it’s time for a change.



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4 responses to “Life: a weekend full of tears & new hair cut

  1. The new haircut looks awesome on you! It’s quite refreshing and perfect for the warm weather. And Asics are such good running shoes~that’s exactly what I have and seeing that I have flat feet and foot problems that get worse if I’m not careful with the sneakers I wear, as soon as I slip them on, my feet are magically healed. 🙂

  2. I really like the haircut! Looks great!!

  3. oh, that kale salad looks superdelicious!! what else goes in it??:)

  4. I’ve had the same “style” of hair since 1993! HAHA! How’s that for dating myself. I’m like you, though….I need to be able to tie it up or it drives me crazy….and I hate bangs!

    Sofia is so cute on those monitor shots! What a doll!

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