Life: a special guest & mexican food

Look who paid us a visit this past weekend? My favorite blogger friend Maggie & Bobbie. It was a last minute arrangement that turned out really well. I haven’t seen them since my baby shower! And now Sofia is already 6 months!


They stayed at my place on Friday night, and Maggie got to play with Sofia the next morning! 🙂


We had breakfast together and went for a walk to catch up before saying goodbye.


It was so nice to see these two lovely person! I am really happy to see Maggie so beautiful and fresh. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more often. Maggie would be my perfect dinning out buddy! 🙂

After saying goodbye to them, we went to an old-friends’ get-together brunch at Uncle Julio’s, a mexican restaurant in Bethesda.


They are all my grad school classmates, some of them were out of the country for couple of years, and now we are all reunited in DC area again. One of them has a 10 months old girl, so a lot of baby-talk over the brunch. 🙂

Mom and I shared Beef Fajitas that came with sides of guacamole


rice and beans


and free tortilla chips with salsa. Too much food!!!



someone didn’t sleep well the night before (she was up from 12-4am! :shock:). I guess two days without afternoon nap was to blame. She didn’t seem bothered the next day




but poor mom and I were zombies all day long! Fortunately we know that it’s just rare event these days. Actually, in term of sleep, Sofia made big progress this week. For the previous 3 nights she slept through the night!!! From 7:30 pm to 5 or 6 am, a short wakeup for the pacifier, and slept one more hour. No feeding, no wake up, all by herself!!! I hope the trend continues! 😆

Lunch: chopped salad with homemade cesar dressing and grilled salmon


paint nails with a new color


Macro plate for dinner


brown rice, steamed kale, broccoli, kabocha, tofu and seaweed salad and this rice seasoning


Absolutely in love with this meal! So happy to have it for dinner everyday this week! 😆



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4 responses to “Life: a special guest & mexican food

  1. Time with friends is the best!! Glad you got to see Maggie again…all your eats in this post are making me hungry!! LOL

  2. So good to see you!! I want that macro plate :):)

  3. As simple as that macro plate looks, it seems so filling and delicious. I just love vegetables…! And that’s so hospitable of you to have them stay over at your place. 🙂

  4. I’m so happy you were able to visit with Maggie this weekend! I’m sure she was elated to have a chance to play with Sophia, too. 🙂

    I’ve been to Juan Julios, and yes, they always provide too much food! Your beef fajitas look delicious, though. I bet it was fun reconnecting with your grad school friends!

    Horray for Sophia sleeping better! Before you know it, she’ll be a teenager who you’re not able to drag out of bed in the morning. 😉

    Hope you’re having a great week, Coco! ❤

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