Life: Cherry Blossom & groceries

On Friday I took mom and Sofia to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC. Unfortunately due to the cold weather, the blossom was still not in its peak. However, it was a lovely spring day, sunny and warm so we enjoyed the walk.


Sofia was making the “cool” face



And then we went together to Trader Joe’s and WF. Love the infant seat on the cart




  • romaine
  • cherry tomato
  • mushrooms
  • cucumber
  • carrots
  • bananas
  • organic eggs
  • cantaloupe


  • kale
  • tuscan kale
  • avocado
  • iceberg lettuce
  • organic spring mix
  • Tj’s unsweetened vanilla almond milk (my favorite almond milk so far!)
  • brown rice tortilla
  • organic cottage cheese
  • Irene’s biscotti

New products: Boca vegan veggie burgers. I’m exploring vegan meat substitute. Wish me luck! πŸ™‚


Suzie’s whole gran thin crackers: lightly salted corn and corn, quinoa and sesame. Both are delicious! πŸ™‚ Definitely will repurchase them.


Menu planning:

  • Breakfast: steel cuts + cottage cheese + frozen blueberries + PB
  • Lunch: salad + boca burger/canned salmon + homemade cesar dressing (silken tofu, rice vinegar, mustard, soy sauce, parmesan cheese and olive oil)
  • Dinner: Macro plate (brown rice, seaweed salad, steamed veggies, kabocha, tofu with tahini-miso-lemon dressing).

Q: What’s your favorite non meat protein source?



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2 responses to “Life: Cherry Blossom & groceries

  1. It’s nice to see the sun, isn’t it?!

    I love quinoa as a non meat protein source…

  2. Cute photos!

    I love beans, lentils, and quinoa.

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