Life: I’ve been watching

I just discovered that with Amazon Prime Membership you get to access Prime Instant Videos. Although they are not the latest release, but I still find many movies and tv series to watch. 🙂

Friends with kids: a fun, entertaining movie. I like the characters and the story. It’s sweet. 🙂


Dollhouse: it’s kind of silly idea but it’s well made and entertaining. MV5BNDY1ODU5MDQ0M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTM2MTA4Mg@@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_

Vegucated: a documentary that follows a vegan challenge of three normal people for 6 weeks, and how they got transformed not only physically but mentally about being vegan.


The most shocking part is to see how dairy is made. Baby cows are separated from their mother at day 1; the mother cow can’t see her baby; she produces all the milk for human consumption when her baby gets to eat milk substitute; and when she stops producing milk, she’s artificially inseminated to get pregnant again, and the cycle goes over and over again!!! 👿 I’m angry that we human do this to a mother, whether it’s to a human or a cow. It’s just not right!!! Obviously this fact is there and I neglected it until now. Once I know it for real, it got me deeply. I simply can’t imagine someone doing this to me, to separate me from Sofia right after I bring her to life, that she will be fed with substitute full of hormones to gain 2 lbs per day. It’s so cruel.

There are others things in the documentary that is surprising and shocking to me. In an ideal world, I’d go vegan. Not for its nutritional reasons, which is still in debate, but for ethical reason. Never before I felt attached to animals so when I hear someone going vegan for ethical reason, I respect or even admire them, but I never truly understood them. Now I feel I’m scratching the face of veganism.

The major point of this is how uninformed we are. For many things we think we have a rough idea of it, but in many cases we know close to nothing. Ignorance is dangerous and sad.

Q: What’s your thoughts on veganism?



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5 responses to “Life: I’ve been watching

  1. I think I feel similarly about veganism. I don’t honestly think it is the healthiest thing for us physically (I think most health benefits of going vegan are actually just from cutting out processed food and the SAD foods). I do feel terribly guilty though when I watch documentaries about where our meat and dairy products come from. I’m reading The Jungle (it’s a very old book – from the early 1900s – on the food system back then). It makes me wish I did not eat any animal products at all. It’s really hard because I know that I don’t feel my best when I cut them all out. It’s very confusing. I guess I try to eat less animal products in general. The dairy and eggs I buy are organic and free range and usually local, so I feel pretty OK about those.

  2. I also have been thinking about veganism a lot, and I have watched quite a few documentaries, and it’s hard to justify eating animal products. Like Maggie, I do feel best if I eat some animal products. But we have been reducing the animal products we eat a lot over the past years.

  3. I don’t know how healthy it is to be a vegan long term. A friend of my Uncle has been a strict vegan for many years and now at age 58 he has atrophy of the brain. Maybe it’s from cutting out all animal products for so long, maybe not, but I wouldn’t want to take the chance. On the other side, I am not a big meat eater and stick mainly to poultry with some pork and beef. Even at that, if I think about where it came from, I have trouble getting it down…

  4. Mara

    Estoy de acuerdo elich! Te quiero mucho!!

  5. I’ve heard great things about Veducated, and your review is inspiring me to take the time to watch it this week. Like you, I think Veganism is a wonderful approach to eating, but only for ethical reasons. It breaks my heart when I read stories about dairy, egg, and meat production in this country. All the producers care about is churning out as much food as possible, so that they can maximize their profits. This is the reason why I try to buy organic food from farmers markets as much as possible; I feel okay about eating food that comes from farms where the farmers actually care about their animals’ wellbeing.

    Nutritionally speaking, I think veganism isn’t an optimal way to eat, especially because it requires lots of careful planning and supplementation. We were designed to eat animal protein, just not in the amounts that most people do. A mostly plant-based diet, with small amounts of organic eggs and meat, is my personal preference, but I also firmly believe that no one diet is right for everyone! Some people feel their best eating Paleo; some raw; some vegan etc. The most important thing is that we eat for both physical and emotional health!

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