Sofia: 6 months

Sofia turned 6 months on 3/26! Happy half-year birthday my love!!! Although time flied by, I feel she’s with me for ages already! She has became the center of my life and I can’t imagine one day without her!

Look this lovely cute face! How can I stop or even love her a bit less than my whole heart? If I could, I’d borrow someone’s love ability to love her even more!


I never thought I could possibly love someone this way. It made me realize that I never knew what is love before. Real true love is what I have for her, unconditional, deep, unexplainable and forever!

News: We finally weaned her from the Miracle Blanket. And we started solid.

Day Sleep: she still takes 2-3 naps. One in the morning, usually the longest one (1.5-2.5 hrs), one around noon (1-1.5 hrs) and a short one (30-40 min) around 5pm. She’s still sleeping in the swing during the day. We tried couple of times at the crib, but she doesn’t sleep long there.


Night Sleep: she goes down around 7:30pm in a normal day. If she didn’t take the last nap, meaning she’d been awake for more than 3-4 hrs, then putting her down at night is harder. Although she’s overtired (she’d nurse while catnap), she fights going to sleep. Counterintuitively, she goes to sleep an hour later than normal time after I try to nurse her after “dinner”, put her down, she fights, I pick her up again, and repeat. Usually she wakes up again anywhere between 3-4:30am, my mom feeds her and she goes back to sleep until 7:30 in the morning. Some days she’d wake up a bit around 6am, then we’d put her in the swing and she’d sleep an hour more. We’re trying to cut down her night feed. Normally she eats 4 oz. now we’ve been reducing it to 3oz. We’ll continue to reduce it until she weans. At this stage, she’s able to sleep 12 hrs without eating.


Cry: she rarely really cries. She’d rather protest by screaming when she wants something.



  • being hold (most of the times)
  • being in the bouncer and shake her right leg
  • going out
  • eat her hands
  • look around while nursing



  • put into sleep when she doesn’t want to
  • being in one thing for more than 30 min, we need to keep changing the scenery or activity for her


Eating: she still nurses morning and night, and takes bottles 3 times (6, 6, 4oz.) when I’m at work. We introduced solid. I wanted to do BLW but she’s just not ready so we switched to spoon feeding and will try BLW again later on. Food she tried so far:

  • avocado
  • apple
  • banana
  • sweet potato (steamed and mashed)
  • prune (soaked and blended)

TMI alert!

In the first day she ate 1-2 TB of avocado and she pooped BIG three times. The next day we gave her 1-2 TB apple, she didn’t poop. On the 3rd day she had some banana and sweet potato (steamed and mashed), still no poop. I found out that banana and apple are constipating so we stopped it. For the next few days we continued to give her sweet potato and avocado. Still no poop on 4th day. I called the pediatrician office. The nurse told me to do few things: i) give her prune juice, 1 oz. twice a day; ii) soak her bottom in water with 1 tsp of baking soda twice a day for 5 min; iii) do bicycle exercises for her; iv) rub her tummy. Mom did all these things the next day, still NOTHING! However, she didn’t seem bothered, still happy and eating normally, although more gas passing. On the 6th day, she FINALLY pooped, just a little, and the consistency is different than BF poop. It’s thicker and surprisingly not smelly. When babies start solid, their GI needs to adapt to the new food, so the constipation can be a consequence of this adjustment process. I hope it ends soon. Finger crossed.

The good news is that she didn’t react to any of these food. She likes sweet potato over avocado. We’ll introduce some veggies next week (pea, broccoli) and other fruit (pear).


Milestone: She now sits on the stroller instead of the carseat. She still rolls from tummy to back, both sides. Still not sitting by herself.


Misc: we’re over eczema FINALLY! And I don’t know how we did it. I started eating everything (dairy, eggs, fish, cheese) and she’s fine. The only thing new that we did is to apply the Squaphor Healing Oilment. I’m so glad that she’s finally healed and I don’t have to worry about what to eat anymore! 😆




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4 responses to “Sofia: 6 months

  1. Megan

    I’m glad the eczema stopped!

  2. Happy 6 months, Sofia!! As I was reading this post, I was thinking how neat it is that you’re able to document her progress this way; it’s amazing how technology allows us to capture so many “moments” now. I bet she’ll have fun reading these posts when she’s older!

    I’m glad to hear the eczema has cleared up, and that she’s taken to sweet potatoes! *Good choice, Sofia!* 😉 I’m sorry about the GI troubles, though. Uggh, I can relate! :-p

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Coco! ❤

  3. laika

    My LO shows preference for banana and sweet potatoes as well! I wish he liked avocado though 🙂 Sounds like Sofia is doing great, these updates make me want to start blogging about my LO. He celebrated his 6 months on 28

  4. Sofia is doing so well! I love her smile!

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