Food: recap of first menu planning week

I followed exactly last week’s menu:

Breakfast: steel cuts oat, almond milk, protein powder, blueberries topped with cottage cheese and PB


I’m in LOVE with steel cuts! It’s so rich and nutty. Since I program the rice cooker the night before. I don’t mind how long it takes to cook. This combo keeps me full until lunch. Perfect for a busy mom who finds snacking an hassle. πŸ˜‰

Another combo: steel cuts, almond milk, protein powder, chia seed, pumpkin, cottage cheese and PB


Lately I’ve been eating breakfast at home while breastfeeding Sofia. Multi-tasking! πŸ™‚

Friday (no work day) instead of pancakes I made a messy bowl of strawberries, greek yogurt, PB2 and rice crisp


messy but yummy


Dinners: Tina’s cheesy garlic brussels sprouts with sausageΒ on a bed of romaine lettuce. I used Tj’s jalapeno pepper sausage (love it!), used only 1 LC because it was salty enough. It was really easy to make and the taste is great!


One pot meal made with millet, chinese sausage, wakame and cabbage. I had it twice. It was convenient to just heat and eat!


Stir-fry brussel sprouts with oyster mushroom, chicken sausage and some shiritake noodles that I have for ages.


Sauteed chard, mushroom in coconut oil and tamari, grilled tofu in coconut oil, red quinoa and a miso-tahini dressing (equal part of miso and tahini, splash of maple syrup).


Really liked this meal. Looks like a macro meal, isn’t it Maggie?

Lunch: salads and one meal at the fancy buffet at my work place (it was a work lunch paid by the department)


I had salad for appetizer, and this as main dish (roasted butternut squash, roasted beets, grilled salmon and german bread). Didn’t take a pic of the dessert but the chocolate mousse cake was delicious.

Menu planning worked really well. I didn’t have to think much every night what to eat and still got a well balanced delicious meal. πŸ™‚ Definitely will keep doing it.

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