Food: meals, groceries, eating out

A showcase of what I’ve been eating last week:

Spicy kabocha, quinoa and vegetarian paella using this meatless grounded beef


Rice tortilla pizza


topped with cauliflower mash, roasted bell pepper, avocado and cheesy hummus sauce


Still loving tortilla pizzas! So easy to make, great variety of toppings and always soooo delicious!!! 😀

2 ingredients pancake (1 large banana mashed, 1 jumbo egg + 1 egg white). Topped with PB2 sauce


weekend is meant to start with pancakes! 😆

Eating at Le Pain Quotidien. I had the avocado chickpea tartine.


I was not impressed. I could have made it at home and better. It also left me hungry, so we ordered cheese almond danish as dessert to share, which was yummy~

my mom had the Parisian ham gruyere quiche


Tj’s and WF haul this week


new products:

frozen kale (I wonder if it is as versatile as frozen spinach)


organic 3 grain tempeh ( I can’t believe it’s my first time having tempeh!)


So… I’m hooked with quinoa, finished the white one, got the red quinoa this time.


french lentils (cooked it in the rice cooker 2:1 water lentil ratio and it came out perfect)


On Saturday I marinated the tempeh using soy sauce, rice vinegar, maple syrup and pepper


Sunday morning did all the food preparation for the week. Wash and cut the veggies


fried the overnight marinated tempeh with coconut oil; boil jumbo eggs


And prepare for Monday’s salad. SPRING=SALAD!!! :lol”

It’s a fully packed salad: butternut lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mushroom, beet, lentils, tempeh, egg and avocado.


a salad like this only needs balsamic + olive oil


Didn’t do any baking this week because we still have 2 pound cakes in the freezer! Since I’m testing dairy this week, I plan to have yogurt as snack. Let’s see how Sofia reacts to that. Haven’t had yogurt for almost 6 months! 😯

Q: Do you like quinoa and lentils? How do you like having them?



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4 responses to “Food: meals, groceries, eating out

  1. Your food looks good! I especially like the tortilla pizza with the cauliflower mash.

    I like quinoa and lentils a lot. I make lentil soup with veggies a lot. I like adding a bit of vinegar when it’s done cooking. It’s so good.

    I use quinoa in all sorts of dishes. Lately, I often mix it with different veggies and flavor it with curry and other spices. In the summer, I love it with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, lemon juice, and olive oil.

  2. I LOVE quinoa! Try the tricolor quinoa from TJ’s too.

  3. First time EVER eating tempeh?? No way!! Oh my gosh that’s crazy. I hope you LOVE IT! IT’s my favorite, much better than tofu (in my personal opinion).
    Your mashed banana, egg white and PB2 creation sounds wonderful. I’m copying that for sure!

  4. I like lentils in thick soups, but I love quinoa! I find it so versatile. It’s good as a hot side dish or cold in a salad. I also like it sweetened up for breakfast sometimes…

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