Sofia: 5 months

Another month passed without me being able to catch a glimpse of it! I know I say this every month, but seriously, how is it possible that Sofia is 5 months already!!!! 😯 She’s such a lady already with her own preference and temperament.


Day sleep: awake time has been extended to 2+ hrs! My mom often needs to “fight” with her to get her nap. If she doesn’t want to sleep, she’ll let you know. She’s now taking 2-3 naps in a good day: two 1.5-2 hrs nap, and one 30-40 min catnap in the evening. In a bad day, she’d nap only once. We’ve been trying to put her nap in the crib instead of the swing. Sometimes she’d nap there, others she wouldn’t. Slowly progressing.

Night sleep: she’s all over the place this month. Although she’s still eating once at night, her awake time could be anywhere from 12pm to 4:30am. 😯 Many times if she eats early, she’d wake up again between 4-5, mom would give her the paci and she’d go back to sleep. Few nights after eating, she’d stay awake for 1-2 hours. She doesn’t cry, she just wouldn’t go back to sleep. If this is the famous 4 months sleep regression, then I think we’re lucky because overall it wasn’t too bad. We’re still swaddling her at night. I started to leave one arm out in case that she rolls over. For the next month, we’ll have to leave out the other arm. Making the transition slowly works for us because her sleep has not been affected by the change.

Crying: she only cries when we’re putting her into sleep/nap when she doesn’t want. If she does that, we turn off the white noise, turn on the light, she’d immediately stop crying. At least we know she’s fine and not uncomfortable. 😉


  • Tummy time



  • semi-crawling? 


  • eating her fingers


  • making airplane 


  • looking at me and my mom. Sometimes she’d stare us for a long while, specially when we’re eating. Is she getting ready for food??? 😯


  • “standing”


  • playing with toys. She’s finally into toys! She likes making noise with them and throw them away and wait for me or my mom to pick it up, again and again! Naughty girl. Now, when we eat, we put her in the booster seat and she can entertain herself for the entire meal. 🙂 



  • Going out. She loves looking everything around her. It’s like she can’t get enough of the world! So cute!


  • Putting into nap when she doesn’t feel like
  • Being in one place/activity for more than 30 min.

Eating: still exclusively breast milk. When I’m at work she’d eat 2 or 3 times depending on her nap schedule. She drink 6 oz. We’ve decided to let her drink that much for 2 feedings and for the last one (if she does) 4 oz. so she can nurse longer at night when I come home. I nurse her before I leave for work and at night. For the middle of the night feeding, we give her 4 oz. I hope by 6 months we can drop that feeding to let her STTN. We haven’t started solid yet. I’m waiting for the 6 months mark to start with Baby Led Weaning. I really like the concept of it because 1) it’s more fun for the baby, 2) babies eat a variety of food and texture, 3) easier preparation. Of course if she doesn’t like it, or I feel the food selection is limited, then I’ll introduce puree food as well. During the last couple of weeks, she started to get interested in food. She observes us closely when we eat and chew as if it was some performance. My mom let her suck banana once when she was having it, and Sofia was very interested in yet. I can’t wait to officially start giving her food! 😀

Milestones: she can roll from tummy to back like pro. She still can’t sit unassisted but it’s getting better.

Misc: eczema is still there although much better. After seeing the dermatologist and allergist, we’ve decided to just go with the flow. Dermatologist says it’s food allergy, the allergist says it’s not. From testing on my own, she seems to react to fish but not to eggs. I’ll test shrimp and dairy next. We’ve switched up a bit her skin care routine per recommendation of the allergist: for bath we use Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Cream Wash, for moisturizer we use Aquaphor Healing Oilment three times a day, and when the eczema comes back we use a Cortizone of 0.05%.

Weight: 13 lb. 11 oz.

Height: 65 cm.



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4 responses to “Sofia: 5 months

  1. Just clicked thru to the BLW site – sounds great! I feel like that is what my parents did with me and my siblings. I hear avocado is a good food for babies, and maybe sweet potatoes and egg yolks.

    Sofia is so cute!!!

  2. She is soooooo adorable! I am loving that little red sweater! Introducing solids through BLW has been a lot of fun so far. We have stuck to one food for 3 days to watch for allergic reactions, then moved to a new one. So far we’ve done (in order) 1. avocado, 2. roasted sweet potato, 3. banana, 4. steamed carrots. He had a hard time holding the avocado and banana because they were slippery, so we tried putting them in mesh feeder bags ( and having him feed himself that way. It was much easier for him and he loved sucking the banana out of the bag. I know that’s not technically BLW style but it worked for us, and he’s still ‘self feeding’ in my opinion! The bag also reduces my husband’s fear of choking, even though everything we’ve given him has been SUPER soft. Next I want to do a green veggie like green beans or broccoli. I’m excited to hear how Sofia likes solids once she is 6 months!

  3. Love the belly time photos! And CUTE tights!!! 🙂

  4. andreaswellnessnotes

    The grow up so fast…. Great photos!

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