Life: what a week!

Last week was definitely a stressful one, mainly because I had issues with pumping the milk out. As I mentioned here, I had to go to a lactation consultant to figure things out! For 3 days I was pumping double of the time and getting 1/2 of what I normally get. Needless to say the number fear I have (supply dropping) was in my mind ALL those days! I even add a pumping session while driving to work


which resulted in barely few drops 😦 Having the pumping issue at work was not fun at all because I had to close the door and get the pump hooked on me almost every hour! 👿 Productivity was near zero. The more I stressed about not getting milk, the less my body would produce which I know but couldn’t help myself to not stress about it. I’m glad I didn’t wait longer and went to the LC.

Fortunately once things were sort out, pumping was a charm. Short and efficient pumping sessions! YAY!

On Friday I woke up extremely exhausted. I think the stress of the week got me. I had some work to catch up but I listened to my body and took rest. I took 2 naps and spent most of the day in bed. Saturday morning I woke up rejuvenated! 😀 So, what I did? Play with my little princess!


she’s much more interactive with us nowadays… mom and I know what to do to make her laugh


love love her big smiles!!!! I’d do ANYTHING to make her keep smiling!!!


her head is growing at a disproportional rate…. so funny!



finally got some control on her hair



We didn’t do much on Saturday, just groceries and last minute purchase for my dad.

Look what I got… a personalized mouse pad with my initials from etzy. So girly! 🙂


Sunday was spent at home cooking, baking and a new nail color. It’s becoming a ritual to do manicure on weekends…. 🙂


this face is rare to catch nowadays because she’s so alert. So when I catch it… I just stare at it like it was a miracle 😉


every time I stare at this face, I wonder for how long I’ll be able to see this face, I’m sure not long enough for me. I can already feel some of that near future sadness.



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6 responses to “Life: what a week!

  1. OMG! I love those photos of Sophia smiling! What a big girl she is getting to be. I’m glad to hear that you’re back on track with pumping and that your stress levels are back to normal. 🙂

  2. Glad things worked out!

    I love all the pics of Sofia!

    Have a great, non-stressful week! 🙂

  3. So glad you got the pumping stuff figured out. And I LOVE the polish color!

  4. It’s endearing to know how things have been better and more interactive with Sofia. 🙂 And just today my dad was telling me how it feels like yesterday that he’d walk me to school in Argentina, trying to not be late and all, and now suddenly I’m about to have a baby, lol! Ahhh it made me laugh and emotional all at the same time, so I hope you continue to cherish every moment with your babay! Life sure does fly like crazy~

  5. Little Sofia has fantastic eye lashes!!! Did she get them from you?

  6. Oh my goodness, Coco! Her smile is so precious, she lights up the whole room and is so full of joy! What a beautiful blessing you have being her mommy and having her in your life. Isn’t it fun watching how much she is changing day to day?

    Have a great weekend!

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