Life: funny pic, outing, new nail color and book

Last week my mom discovered a new way to feed Sofia so she wouldn’t move too much while eating: put her hands into the pant. Look HOW FUNNY she looks!


We couldn’t stop laughing for like 5 min!!! πŸ˜†


new milestone? She can sit up on the boppy lounger by herself for quite a while


She was extra excited this weekend for no apparent reason. She wanted to play with us ALL the time, which means she napped poorly. Only one good nap of 2-3 hours a day. I guess she notices that I’m home so she doesn’t want to miss it? I hope! πŸ™‚


Monday afternoon, we went to the mall


she was busy biting the pacifier and her hands for a while


and then started looking the surroundings again


what’s our favorite store to shop for Sofia? Jack and Janie. We love almost everything in it! I wish they’re not so expensive though. Fortunately they have things on sale all the time.


I got a new Butter London nail polish and I love it! It’s a very sophisticated nude/beige, and the quality of the nail polish is amazing! So easy to apply.


I started a new baby-related book: What’s going on in there?Β 


It’s written by a neurologist who just had a baby, so she explains what’s going on in the mind of the baby from conception to 4-5 years old. It’s very scientific based with a lot of research details. I skipped those that I’m not interested, and read those that fascinated me like “why babies (adults) like sweets?” (well… personally I don’t like sweets, but I guess I was once!). So far I find it very interesting and can’t wait to learn more about how we can help the mental development of Sofia? Nature plays a big role in shaping the personality of babies, but nurture affects them much more than we think. πŸ™‚

I finally got a photo frame to put Sofia’s pic on my desk so I don’t have to show it in my iPhone when people come to my office. πŸ™‚


I love the design of this frame, it’s glass and has two sides.


I will look at it when I pump, I’m sure more milk will be produced! πŸ™‚

Q: What’s your favorite baby cloth store?

Q: Do you decorate your office? I want to make it more “homey” but don’t know what to put other than pictures of S.



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2 responses to “Life: funny pic, outing, new nail color and book

  1. She looks really cool and chilled with hands in the pocket!

  2. lol She looks hilarious with her hands in her pants!

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