Food: putting more effort

Since I started working, I’ve been eating really bad. Not bad in the sense that I was eating crap, but bad because of lack of variety and proper nutrition. I would eat exactly the same thing for lunch 5 days a week; most of the time I don’t even notice what I was eating because I worked at the same time; dinners were even worse because all I wanted to do when I finish work is to look at Sofia and be with her as much as I could, therefore dinner were poorly prepared. Some nights I’m so tired that I’d have a bowl of oatmeal, some kabocha and corn and will go to bed. I’m worried that if I continue this way of eating, my health will suffer and therefore my milk supply will be compromised. Protein is very important for milk producing. Due to Sofia’s eczema situation, I can’t eat eggs, dairy, fish and seafood, they were all my main source of protein previously. (I thought it was only egg and dairy, but then when I ate salmon last week, her eczema came back the next day, so no no fish! :evil:) So, I need to make even more effort to make sure I get enough protein.

Anyway.. this long rambling is just to say that I’ve decided to put more effort into eating well. Cook more during the weekend and make sure to eat 3 good meals and two snacks. I will try to incorporate some form of protein into every meal.

In addition to our groceries trip to the chinese market, I went to Tj’s for some fun stuff


The new food item this week was Dark Chocolate Edamame


quinoa. I haven’t had quinoa for ages, never liked it much, but because it’s a high protein grain, I’ll give it another try.


a new salt blend from a special spice & tea shop


My parents requested again the lemon pound cake so I made a gigantic one for them 🙂 I used Martha’s recipe


used meyer lemon (so sweet and juicy)


homemade buttermilk (milk + lemon juice)


butter, sugar and eggs beaten


milk, flour incorporated


It was a nice 30 min arm workout! 🙂

Snack for the week: protein maple oaties (recipe to come)


Lunch for the week: maple tuscan chicken with veggies (recipe to come)


Dinner for the week: vegan tofu curry with quinoa


Highlight of weekend food: vegan pizza


I used Tj’s brown rice tortilla, top it with tomato paste, zucchini, eggplant and a vegan cheese made with hummus, tahini, lemon juice. Baked for 15 min and top it with sliced avocado. SOOOOO DELICIOUS!! ~~~

Q: What’s the food highlight of your week?



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3 responses to “Food: putting more effort

  1. I know you mentioned you don’t like pork ( I think?) But you don’t like beef either? Perhaps you can make quick fajitas, Coco! And omgsssshhhh I really wouldn’t mind a huge chunk of that pound cake. I’ve never been able to find meyer lemons! I should search for it again.

  2. Dark chocolate covered edamame! Had that once and loved it! I hope you like the quinoa better this time. It’s so versatile. The pound cake looks so, so good. I like to use avocado like a spread on sandwiches…

  3. Pachang

    According to the latest American Academy of Pediatrics policy update on the development of atopic disease (which includes eczema aka atopic dermatitis), “current evidence does not support a major role for maternal dietary restrictions during pregnancy or lactation.”

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