Sofia: 4 months

Sofia turned 4 months yesterday! We’re still amazed by how fast time flies. She’s a little person already! 🙂

This month she was in a constant-changing mode. Everyday she seems a bit different, doing new facial expressions, “talking” different languages, liking new toys, etc. Something that hasn’t changed is how easy-going she is. She’s great company to us and rarely complains when we do things outside.


Awake time: it gets a bit longer, averaging 1.5-2 hrs. Now she can sit on the bouncer or boppy lounger and plays with a toy by herself for 20 min. However, she still prefers playing with us. We rotate between the play mat, the jumper, the lounger and the couch. She is entertained in either of them for 20-30 after which she gets bored and claims a change of scenery.

Sleep: after I install the curtain, her takes better naps. She can almost consistently take 3 long naps (1-2 hrs) and a short one around 5pm. At night, she sleeps 11-11.5 hrs in total with one feeding anywhere from 2-4am. She still goes to bed around 7:30pm. It’s getting easier for her to fall asleep at night. A month ago, I had to rock and nurse her for 10 min before putting her in the crib. Now she wants to be put down right after she eats, otherwise she’d fuss. I kind of like those 10 min of rocking her into sleep…. well.. no more. 😦 Most of the nights, when I put her down she’s just drowsy but not asleep. After 10 min, just before she’d be asleep, she’d fuss asking for the pacifier. I give it to her and she immediately passed out. However, recently we have a problem. She moves a lot while sleeping. Since we use the miracle blanket, she can’t move her arms, so her whole body moves. In a matter of 2 min she’d turn 180 degrees. Since she’s getting longer, she often get stacked and she wakes her up. That’s the reason of those early night feedings (before 2am). I think we’ll have to un-swaddle her very soon, even before she rolls over.  I’m kind of terrified of that because swaddling calms her at night and it’s part of the night routine. Any tip of how to un-swaddle?

Crying: she rarely cries these days. If she needs something (eat, sleep, change of scenery) she’d fuss, we do it and fuss is over.


  • participate in adults’ conversation. When we are having a conversation, she’d listen quietly as if she understands it. 
  • music. She’s very peaceful when we play music.
  • looking and smiling to us in the morning or when she wakes up from a nap.
  • bath time



  • tummy time. I wouldn’t say she loves it, but she doesn’t hate it anymore. Maybe because she can raise her head and keep it high for few minutes?




  • Her mama. Every night when I nurse her, she’d stop in between, look at me and “talk” to me. 🙂




Absolutely love this face!!!!! 😆


Dislike: I can’t think of any. She’s such an easy baby. She adapts well to new environment, people, activity, cloth, food (nipple vs. bottle).

Eating: now that I’m back to work, she has a more regular eating schedule: 7:20(breast), 10:30(5 oz.), 13:30(5 oz.), 16:30(4 oz.), 18:45(breast), and middle of the night feed (2-4 am, 4 oz.). She takes bottles and frozen milk without any problem. We use 8 oz. of frozen milk per day mixed with fresh pumped milk, so we recycle old ones. I am pumping 5 times a day: once when I wake up (5:30am, 10-12 oz.), once before I go to bed (9pm, 1-3 oz.) and 3 times at work (12 oz.). I try to pump at the time Sofia eats. Sometimes I can’t do it exactly at those times, but I still manage to pump 3 times to make sure my supply does not go down. I have an office for myself, so I just shut the door and pump while working. People in the office are really nice. They respect that and even would accommodate a bit to my schedule. This makes the transition stress-free, which is really important to maintain the supply.

Milestones: better head control, raise her head almost 90 degrees in tummy time.

Misc: she puts her hands in her mouth all the time and makes a funny face like sucking her lips. I wonder if teething is approaching us. She smiles to us whenever she wakes up, or when we attempt to get a smile from her. She “talks” a lot when she’s in good mood, wish I could understand it. 🙂

Weight: 12 lbs. 14 oz.

height: 60 cm



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6 responses to “Sofia: 4 months

  1. She is getting so big!!! Love all the photos!

  2. I love her hair!!! She’s coming along perfectly, Coco!!

  3. Her haaaaaair! So cute.

    Eli popped his first tooth at 4mo! She could totes be teething.

  4. This may sound crazy but you are probably the only blogger that makes having a baby sound totally do-able! 🙂

    • I thought the exact same thing! I know that it’s not always easy and perfect Coco, but you seriously give me courage and more hope that things will be good even when they get crazy–it’s all about how we see things right? And Sofia does seem like such an easy-going baby~I hope Selah is too! hehe. But whatever way she is I know she’ll be loved.

  5. Sofia is such a precious little girl—you must be SO proud! It sounds like she’s made a lot of progress over the past month; before you know it, she’ll be taking her first step! I’m also really glad to hear that you work in an office environment that’s 100% supportive of your motherhood (and the duties that come with it)–that’s wonderful! 🙂

    I hope you had a nice weekend, Coco! I’m sure glad it’s beginning to warm up!

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