Food: chinese food & radish cake recipe

Food that we’ve been eating and blog-worthy. 🙂

Hot pot rice topped with broccoli, sweet pea and chinese sausage.


Fish soup (salmon head with a lot of spicy sauce)


Sauteed sweet pea with sausage


sauteed shrimp with broccoli and mushrooms. I love this but I guess I won’t have it for a while (avoiding seafood for Sofia’s eczema situation)


Radish cake

  • 2 lbs chines radish, shreeded
  • 1 lb rice flour
  • 3-4 links of chinese sausage, chopped
  • 5-6 dry shiitake mushrooms, hydrated and chopped
  • 1/4 cup dry shrimp, hydrated and chopped
  • Salt, pinch of sugar and white pepper
  • oil

1. sautee shiitake, shrimp and sausage with some oil


2. cook the radish with 1 cup of water at medium low for 15 min until it become translucent


3. Add 3 cups of water to the rice flour and cook at low stirring constantly


4. once the radish is cooked, add to the flour mixture including the liquid


5. stir well and add 1.


6. seasoned well with salt, sugar and white pepper

7. put in a mold and steam for 45-60 min until you insert a stick and it comes out dry.




to serve, cut them in pieces (once it has cooled down or refrigerated) and pan-fried with some oil for 2-3 min each side.



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5 responses to “Food: chinese food & radish cake recipe

  1. This looks and sounds so yummy! I really like rice-cakey type of food although white rice isn’t my favorite on its own. Does this have bold taste, or is it really mild? I’m guessing the shiitake would make it really flavorful.

  2. t

    Do you use fresh shrimp? Or frozen? dried? I want to try cooking shrimp, but I’ve never cooked it before!
    Thanks for the radish cake recipe – it looks cool!

    • balancejoyanddelicias

      for the radish cake, I used dry shrimp. That’s what the conventional radish cake would call for, never used fresh or frozen shrimp. let me know f you try it! 🙂

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