Sofia: 3.5 months

Sofia is looking more and more like her mama or what? Look this pic! I was 4 months old and Sofia is 3. A side by side comparison makes the point! She definitely has my nose, mouth and eyes. She’s a bit chubbier than I was (according to my mom it is because I was not breastfed), and she has a lot of hair, just like her mama! πŸ˜†


I love this little person more each day because she’s much more interactive with us now. She likes to be sit up and even standing! Her legs are strong


She “talks” to us ALL the time! and that’s so cute!


and she sits with us at mealtimes!!!


she used to sit in the bouncer when we eat so she couldn’t really “participate”. Now that she has better neck control, we put her in the booster seat and she loves it! πŸ˜€ She would look at each of us over and over again..

Even in the lounger, she likes to be upright as if she wants to stand


when I talk to her, she just keeps laughing, so cheerful and so happy that her mama plays with her.



She’s spitting more lately so bibs are necessary.


She’s been eating faster. Usually she’d eat 20 min but for the last few days she’s done in 10 min. There’s no way I can force her to take more. I wonder if she’s became more efficient or she’s on “a diet”. Sometimes if she takes a 10-15 min break, she’ll eat a bit more, but more often she’s done.

We are giving her a bottle right after I feed her at night, trying to “trick” her to get more milk. For two nights, she took 1-1.5 oz and slept an hour more. The third night, she woke up at the usual time (2 am). We’ll keep trying and report back.

She’s taking less at her middle of the night feeding. She was eating 4 oz. for quite a while, and now she takes only 3-3.5 oz. I hope that’s an indication that she would wean from night feeding soon.

She’s more curious about the surroundings when she’s awake. Even after each sleep cycle, she’d seem to be awake for real and look around with eyes wide open. My mom picked her up a few times and she was cranky 30 min afterwards. So now I told her to not pick her up unless she’s been awake for 20 min to make sure she won’t sleep again. I think it might be time to get a blackout curtain for the nursery. A distracted baby for nap is not fun to play with.

She doesn’t fuss or cry much. If she needs something, food/pacifier/I’m bored, she’d “talk” to us instead of cry, which is lovely~~~

Lastly, her mama is sad to be back to work in < 2 weeks. I’m excited to get back to be my old “professional/career” self, but I’m not happy at all with not seeing her for +10 hrs a day. I’d miss all her milestones!!!! SAD SAD!!!! 😦 I’m also afraid that she’ll forget me and loves her grandma more than me. Yes, I’m even jealous of my mom!!! :evil:. Anyway… I hope it’s not too bad and I’m just making a drama in my head.

Let me enjoy the rest of the 24 hrs- together-with-Sofia Β time! They are precious!



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3 responses to “Sofia: 3.5 months

  1. You 2 are twins! WOW! Going back to work will be tough, but I think you will like the routine of it once you are settled. And it’s good for her to know that even though Mommy leaves, she always comes back…;)

  2. Ahhh I was wondering how you were dealing or feeling about the whole back to work stuff. I hear it’s very difficult at first, but she knows you’re her mom and you’re the best, so I know you’ll still be her fave. πŸ˜€ And omgshhh!!!! you are identicallllll!! Except that you had a tiny little set of double eyelids but Sofia doesn’t (yet). That’s pretty cool hahah!

  3. Jun

    I’ve always wanted to ask: What’s Sofia’s Mandarin name? πŸ™‚

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