Life: Happy New Year!!!


Everyone is doing a recap these days. Let me recap mine. 2012 was FANTASTIC!

  • Family: we found out I was pregnant in January, had a smooth pregnancy, spent almost 3 months alone being pregnant, a scary incident that was bloody and made Star to come back early, a full house with my mom, Star and in-laws, had a great birth experience, welcomed the cutest baby and celebrated my birthday with my parents and Sofia.
  • Work: after a long and stressful process, I got into the position I wanted. My new boss and colleagues are great, both professionally and as person.
  • Travel: I got to meet with my BFF in Argentina in april, had amazing two weeks staying at her mom’s.

I’m looking forward to 2013 because

  • I’m very excited to see how Sofia grows into a toddler. 
  • Star will be back to US and to stay! No more family separation EVER again.
  • Start to work at the new position. Go for missions to Central America and Latin America.
  • A possible visit to China in summer. And hopefully some other pleasure travel as well.

New Year resolution? None! Because I’ll forget them tomorrow. 😉

What we’ve been doing these days?

  • Making fun of our cuttie 😉


using FatBoot


  • Pick up birthday present, courtesy of my dear husband. 🙂 Yeah~~~ I’m Cartier addicted. Too bad that it’s an expensive addiction. 


  • Looking at new facial expressions of Sofia everyday. This is the latest one


saliva everywhere


  • Buy more cute clothes for Sofia and play it’s summer time! 😉


I think she enjoys it as much as we do. 🙂



too funny!!!!




  • And what keeps me busy the most??? Organize the 100 days party for Sofia!!!



In China, we either celebrate at one month or at 100 days. She’s officially 100 days on 1/3 but I’m hosting a party on 1/5 and invited 20+ friends!!! I’m soooo excited about it that I couldn’t sleep for days!!! 😀 I’ll do a proper party decoration, make birthday cake, cupcakes and snacks. The menu is chosen, to-do list written! I just love throwing parties for my friends! And with this little girl that melts my heart, I can see myself to throw one for her as many excuses I can find! 😆  La la la la la la ~~~~ Life is SO GOOD!!!



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7 responses to “Life: Happy New Year!!!

  1. laika

    Happy New Year Coco! And hope 2013 is filled with much more happiness!

  2. Yeah that Star is home to stay soon!! That is awesome. I love that photo of Sofia with the sunglasses in her head. Way cute! Can’t wait to hear about Sofia’s 100 day party!!

  3. Happy 2013! Wishing you health & much happiness! Sounds like it’s going to be an exciting year!

    I love all the pics of Sofia! Have a fabulous 100 day party. The kid’s 100 day celebration was in January 2008 – seems like yesterday…

  4. Sooooo……are you going to show us what came in the Cartier box!?!? 😉

    Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

  5. Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see how Sophia’s 100 day party went.

  6. Yay for Star being home soon! I hope you enjoy the 100 days party too. And I want to see what’s in the box… 🙂

  7. Sofia might be the cutest baby ever! You must be so proud, Coco! I was laughing out loud at those photos – especially those where she’s rockin’ sunglasses.

    2012 was definitely an exciting year for you, and I have no doubt that 2013 will be equally as wonderful. Happy New Year! ❤

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