Sofia: 3 months

My little girl turned 3 months on 12/26!!! Time flies!!! I’m amazed everyday how much she’s growing and changing. Her face changed a lot since birth and every week. We all agreed that she’s becoming prettier and prettier! šŸ˜€

At birth vs. 3 months



Even in the same position her face has changed a lot

1 week vs. 3 months



Awake time: we still try to keep her awake time within 60-90 min but sometimes a bit longer if we’re out. She’s happy most of the time, especially when we’re out. At home, usually play time includes lying on the gym, 2 min of tummy time, sit on the bouncer and “talk” to us, in the crib watching the mobile. I tried to read her once but she wouldn’t focus. Maybe next month?

Sleep: Over the last month she had two weeks of progressive longer stretches up to 8-9 hours followed by another 2-3 hrs. But for the last two weeks, she’s been sleeping more like 7+4, wakes up to eat around 2am and usually goes back to sleep right away until 7. Of course we’ve had nights in which she would stay awake for an hour or more, or waking up at 5-6 (growth spurt?). I don’t think she’s ready to drop that one feeding yet, she’s taking 4 oz. The doctor says that usually babies don’t need food at night once they’re 6 months, so for now we won’t try to force her to drop that feeding. Naps have became shorter lately. She might take a long nap once a day (1.5-2 hrs) if we’re at home, but she can sleep for 3+ if we’re out. Most of the naps are like 45 min to an hour long. We are still aiming for 4 naps a day with the last one being just 30 min, but everyday is different in term of how many naps she actually takes. We didn’t set a schedule for her but she naturally wakes up around 7, eats again around 10-11, 1-2pm, 4-5pm and at bedtime (6:30pm).

Crying: she’s been crying much less. Even at night when she wakes up to eat, she doesn’t cry but “call” us. The only time during the day that she cries or fuss intensely is between 5:30pm to bath time. Some days she fuss just a little, others intensely unless we hold her.

Weight: she weighted 10 lb. 5 oz. in her two months check up. Now she weights 11+ lb. according to home scale. So I guess as she gets older, the speed of weight gain is slowing down.


  • She likes “eating” her hands nonstop!



  • She likes to be sit and watch around


  • She likes dressing up



  • She definitely likes going out and pretend to be a big girl


  • She likes watching people


  • She likes “talking” to us


when she does it, she lifts her chin up


  • she likes melting our heart with her cooing




Dislikes (not too many)

  • Tummy time
  • Not to be fed if she’s hungry
  • Not seeing us when she’s awake

Eating: she’s still on exclusively breastfeeding. She nurses 5 times during the day and one bottle of 4 oz. around 2-3 am. She’s been eating more, every feeding would be 15-20 min (15 on one side and switch to the other) instead of <;15 min as of last month. At the last feeding before bed, she nurses for 30-40 min. I pump 11-12 oz. first thing in the morning (5am) and 2-3 times after day feedings, so I've been freezing 10-12 oz. per day. I think she already has two weeks of back up food stored! šŸ˜† I think I'll stop pumping during the day which would be such a relieve!!!

We're loving her more each day, which I didn't think it was possible. But she's too adorable to not to!



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3 responses to “Sofia: 3 months

  1. She’s beautiful!
    Glad you’re loving being a momma šŸ™‚

  2. Sofia is beautiful! Can’t believe she’s three months already! I’m glad she’s doing so well. It’s amazing that you are able to pump that much. Don’t ever take that for granted! You’re very lucky.

  3. Enjoyed the latest update and love seeing how well Sophia is growing. My Benji is also fussy at night from 5 to 7p, and he’s 4 month old. I think he needs a cat nap but he has a hard time falling asleep at this time. Also, it’s really hard for me to put him down when he’s screaming really loud. Keeping my fingers crossed that our babies will just grow out of the fussiness during the witching hour.

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