Life: birthday 2012

I had a WONDERFUL birthday!!! Everything about it was FABULOUS! I must have said this every year, but this is one of the best birthday I’ve had.

The day started bright. Star sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and chocolates. 🙂


so pretty and festival!


He called me early in the morning. In addition to say “happy birthday” to me, he gave a great news, the best present I could ask this year!!! 😆 Of course, the real tangible present is on its way too! 🙂

Sofia woke up SUPER HAPPY, and she kept “talking” (babbling) to us. It was like she knew it was my birthday and dad had great news. She was incredibly cheerful the whole day!!! 😆

We dressed up for the special day.


and head out for our lunch celebration. Usually we go out for dinner but since Miss S goes to sleep early, we did lunch instead.


We went to a new restaurant, Old Angler’s Inn located at Potomac area. It’s a nice, cozy, family environment. We all like the place a lot, including Sofia. She kept looking around the place and the people.





the food was AMAZING!!! They offered a Christmas brunch menu.

We shared the three appetizers


House Smoked Salmon with Gribiche, Micro Arugula, Capers


Roasted Chestnut and Sunchoke Soup


Compressed Endive and Bibb Salad with Caper Raisin Puree, Grapefruit Brûlée, Candied Pecans

As main dish. Mom had Steak and Eggs, Petite filet served with French Fries and Béarnaise Sauce


Dad and I shared Crisped Skuna Bay Salmon served with Savoy Cabbage, Toasted Pistachios, Poached Apricot, Lemon Grass Emulsion


and Pan Roasted Amish Chicken with Rutabaga Mash, Chicken Confit, Lentils du Puy, Braised Cipolini Onions, Baby Spinach


The chicken is out of this world, so tender, so juicy, soooooo good! We kept marveling how well made it is!!! We’re definitely going back for the chicken!!!

Sofia had her lunch there as well. Once satisfied, she was happy resting in the carseat while we had our main course.


and then she wanted to play again with us


she was super cute sitting there as if she was having lunch with us





this is my favorite shot! So adorable!!!



can’t wait for the day she actually sits and eats with us


then we shared two desserts


Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Bomb with Black Currant Ice Cream


Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Cheesecake

the chocolate and PB bomb was incredibly! So rich and the rice crisps inside added an interesting crunchiness.

I was enjoying so much the moment that I forgot to ask for a candle for the birthday wish. I don’t know what I would have asked for because I feel I have everything I’ve ever wanted!!!! Last year I asked 2 things and one was to get pregnant soon, and the other is about Star. One year later I spent the birthday with my little girl, and Star just came me the great news. SOOOO HAPPY that wishes were granted so fast!!!! 😆

2 years into the 30s and I don’t feel that aging is an issue because each year I seem to be happier than the year before. So I’m hopeful that the years to come will be even better!!!



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2 responses to “Life: birthday 2012

  1. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a great day! Sofia is getting so big! She’s absolutely adorable!

  2. happy birthday and happy holidays!

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