Baby: first growth spurt?

Okay. I’ve been MIA for few days for a reason.

Sofia has been more demanding these days.

Her sleep schedule is not good.

Naps are short, bumpy and not consistent.

She’s been fussy.

I’m tired. 

Mom and I sleep deprived due to middle of the night wake up and 2 hrs trying to put her back to sleep.

Apparently, there’s a growth spurt at 12 weeks, which is exactly where we are now.

Hopefully this is just that, a growth spurt, after a week (maximum), things go back to normal.

Finger crossed.



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2 responses to “Baby: first growth spurt?

  1. Sounds like a rough patch, Coco! Hang in there…..

  2. laika

    Hope it gets better soon Coco! positive vibes to you

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