Life: low key weekend after the tragedy

What happen in CT was a tragedy! We don’t understand. We feel useless. We doubt human nature.
Before having Sofia I would take it as a tragedy and feel sorry for the parents and move on. Now, I feel it’s the end of the world if it ever happened to me. I can only imagine what these parents are going through and I’m sure what I imagine is just a infinite portion of their pain.
99% of the time I believe things happen for a reason, but not this time. There’s no justifiable reason for this to happen to anyone ever!All I wanted to do was stay at home and hold my little one close. More than ever, I’m thankful to have her, and I promise to myself to love her with all my capacity EVERYDAY! Just being able go look at her closely is a bless, and I will not take that for granted.


The mood, the weather were not the best over the weekend so we did little:

  • I visited my friend Sarah who had her baby girl last Monday. Tara is about the size of Sofia when S was born. Holding her small body made me realize how much Sofia has grown. I miss those first few days of her newborn face already. I’m sure I will miss the baby stage very soon and want to have another baby to revive the experience.
  • Mom and I went to the mall on Saturday, and man, it was PACKED! For our surprise, the noise of the mall kept Sofia asleep for two hours!!! I got a tee from Banana Republic for $10 (had 15$ birthday coupon) and Sephora’s birthday gift: my favorite lip balms.


  • Naps happened more than usual


  • Our fridge is almost empty


we wanted to eat up everything before Dad’s arrival tomorrow so we go to buy groceries together. He has been missing chinese food for a while since he spent few months in Argentina

  • Few meals


poached salmon + bok choy + corn


beef + salad + homemade bread + sausage


sauteed squid with napa cabbage and chinese pickles


sauteed bok choy, cauliflower, black fungus in olive preserve


  • Sofia record 9 (7:30 pm – 4:30 am) + 2.5 hrs one night!!! 😯 this girl likes her beauty sleep, eh? And the following night she slept from 7:45 pm – 4:15 am again!!! Her sleep is progressing way faster than I expected. I’m hopeful that she will sleep through the night in a month when I go back to work! Finger crossed!


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2 responses to “Life: low key weekend after the tragedy

  1. Sofia seems to be sleeping great! I hope your Dad arrives safely, Coco…

  2. My has been broken since Friday, too. I’m not yet a parent, so I have no way of understanding the pain the mothers and fathers in Connecticut are feeling, but I can imagine it’s insurmountable. Keep holding your precious Sofia close. ❤

    Happy Birthday! When is the big day? I love Sephora's free birthday gift; those lip balms are so nice! As usual, your meals look delicious–especially that salmon!

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