Journal: omg…. 8?

Last night S went down at 7:30 pm and she didn’t woke up until 3:30!!!! 😯 8 hrs!!!! And then after eating she went back to sleep for another 3. Woooooo!!!! we only had two +7 hrs of stretch so far and she’s already started with 8? This girl can’t stop surprising us!!! 😀 Furthermore, I didn’t even hear her waking up last night. She must have been “calling” very low. Btw, I moved to sleep in my room, which is at the same floor as Sofia and my mom, because my dad is coming next week and he will take the room in the basement. For the previous 3 nights I could hear when Sofia wakes up to eat. She is really “polite”, she doesn’t cry but more like a calling to my mom. And when my mom shows up, she stopped right away. She surely understands! 🙂

Yesterday I went out for the walk with Sofia alone. Mom did some cleaning at home so she didn’t join us. It was a sunny cold day, lovely! 🙂 Since S slept most of the time, I got some extra alone time to listen to old music and think about how wonderful my life is! I am so lucky to have everything I’ve ever wanted. Let me say that life is not perfect and I still have to deal daily mundane mis-matched and incidents, but they stopped to affect me. My spirit and emotions are ONLY affected by the great things happening in life, those little annoyances are totally ignored!!! that’s the greatest accomplishment, isn’t it? I wonder: Am I happier because I only focus on good things? or always thinking positively made me happier? it seems a chicken-egg type of question. whatever! I’m happy, period! 😉

Breakfast was the same favorite combo as of late:


gluten free pancakes with almond butter sauce + scrambled eggs

before we left for the walk, I put this package into the bread machine


I got it a while ago and it’s about to expire, so time to make it although I’m not very into bread lately.

it has super high protein content and whole grain. Good stuff!

when I came back, I took the dough out of the bread machine, punched it down and baked it at the loaf pan. I always bake breads in the oven instead of the bread machine because it looks nicer.


Goodness, it’s huge!!! and it looks and tastes amazing, just like those that you buy in store that costs $6 or more per loaf.


Lunch while Sofia continued her nap



salad, two fried eggs and chipotle sweet potato fries




sautéed celery, black fungus and squid + corn

After nursing Sofia and played with her a bit (tummy time, gym mat). I went to an eye dr appt. I noticed that after giving birth to S, my vision got deteriorated. My previous -6.5 contact lens stopped working, I can’t even read clearly the signs on the road. So time to get some new pairs. Some people says that the blurred vision is temporary after birth, it might reverse after 6 months. Others say it’s permanent. We will see. I got a year supply of lens at -7.0. Yes, I’m almost blind without lens.

Mom and S welcomed me at the door when I was back. My mom always try to do it when she know when I’m going home and S awake. I love that! It makes me feel sooooo loved and welcomed. I’m sure I will like it more when I return to work.

S took a 40 min nap while I workout. Usually the last nap of the day is a lottery, but for a week she’s been taking it without much problem. Yey! I think it helped for her night sleep too because she is not overtired at the bedtime.

Dinner part I


sautéed napa cabbage, black fungus, green pepper and dry shrimp

Part II after putting S into bed


corn + kabocha

It’s another sunny and cold day here. A walk is on the agenda. A friend is coming to visit us in the afternoon. And probably we will go to visit Sarah who just had her baby girl! 🙂 I’ve officially became baby-hot-line!



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2 responses to “Journal: omg…. 8?

  1. haha it’s so cute that Sofia ‘calls out’ to you girls instead of crying! Oh man I hope my child does that too, lol. And omgness your breads always come out perfect…I really wanna jump at the screen right now, and you’re almost as blind as I was! I got lasik 1.5 years ago and I looooove it! But before that my eyes were -8.5 almost -9.0 0_0 I hope your condition is temporary because being nearly blind is no fun!

  2. She’s amazing! So much sleep. I love it. Working on my little guy. He generally, at best, stays asleep for 45min at a time….yes, you read that right. Needless to say, I don’t sleep at all.

    We just started a new kind of sleep training and it worked for last night so that’s good!

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