Journal: showing affection

Last night when I was burping Sofia, I looked at her closely and realized how precious she is and that I haven’t looked at her enough. It melted my heart. It even hurt when I think she will become a big girl soon. No, no, I want to hug her this way and give her hundreds of kisses every time she wakes up. Can I still do that when she’s an adult? Why I don’t remember my mom kissing me and hugging me when I was a kid? Not a single time! I’m sure my mom loves me just as much as I love Sofia, but why I have no memory of physical closeness? It’s probably due to our chinese culture of being distant. I would definitely change that. I want Sofia to feel loved all the time, to have memory of mom’s affection, to kiss her and tell her i love her even when she’s a grown up. And most importantly, I want to do them because I have strong urge to do them!!! It must have been hard for my parents to restrain themselves from giving me affection. Wooo! what a realization. Instead of blaming my parents from not giving me physical affection, now I know how hard it must have been for them. It also made me realize how lucky I am for having Sofia here in the US where showing physical affections is encouraged.
people say becoming a parent makes you appreciate more your parents. So true!!!


Yesterday Sofia didn’t stir much before waking up for the day so I had ME time. It made a huge difference to the rest of my day! 🙂

After her first morning nap we went out to do some errands. Dressed Sofia for the cold weather.



she looks so cute in this outfit (I know, I probably say this every time I dress her)


Back home, I assembled the freezer. I got this one, which is the smallest one in the market but it turned out bigger than I thought. it has a lot of space.


Bought baskets to put inside


Transferred pumped milk to the new freezer. I was amazed how much milk I already have freezed! and I got them drop by drop! they are like gold!!! 😯


corns on the right side. they are my daily staple so whenever it’s on sale I buy a lot!

lunch for mom


Beef, sausage and salad

she eats way more meat an I do! Good that she has a strong digestive system!

Lunch for me was a cleaning-fridge kind of stir fry and a corn


Eggplant, lotus root, green pepper, mushroom in olive preserve sauce


Once we put S to sleep I dyed my mom’s hair.


I didn’t know how easy is to dye hair. it took me <10 min to apply it, 20 mim later all gray hair was gone!

Dinner was served early (trying to start the night routine for S at 6:20)



last serving of roasted butternut squash turkey pastel


seaweed egg soup

S slept from 7:20-2am and then 3-8! 11.5 hrs of sleep made her a happy baby this morning! 🙂



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4 responses to “Journal: showing affection

  1. I love Sofia’s Sweater and hat!

    And you are right…it must have been very difficult for your parents to not show affection for their child. Yikes! We are so lucky to live where we live…

  2. awwww kekekekekek that outfit on sofia is truly super cute! I wanna squeeeeze her so bad! And I love the thoughts you wronte in the first paragraph. It’s sadly the case in much of the Asian culture. But I’m glad you wanna change that. And take it a step further and treat her like an Argentinean baby! Then she’ll be smoooothereed in love and affection 😀

  3. i cannot get over how adorable your little girl is!

  4. I bet you are the BEST mom! I actually had a heart to heart with my mom last night, about the things she regrets she didn’t do with me when I was younger, and I let her know how amazing she was (and is) and how I don’t for a moment think that she let me down in any way. YOu do what you can, right?? And your daughter will love you if you love her back 🙂

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