Journal: my PM routine

Back to journal style. I like recording everyday of life with Sofia as long as I have time to do it. 🙂 Although it might look boring to you because it tends to be repetitive, I like it that way, wonderfully ordinary. 🙂 I’m a creative of routine, I like to know what to expect and mix up a bit from time to time.

Still raining here, so stay-in for the 4 or 5th day in a row.

Sofia woke up at 7:15 am. After changing and feeding her, we did a bit of FaceTime with Star for some daughter-dad interaction! 🙂 Sofia is changing everyday and I feel bad that Star can’t be present for the moment, but that’s temporary and we do what we have to do to make it less painful.

I made my recent favorite breakfast combo



gluten free pancakes with almond butter sauce


scrambled eggs with ketchup

I like to have eggs in the morning but still loving the pancakes, so why not having both? 😉

Sofia looked me curious


although she sleeps a lot during the day, when she’s awake, she’s AWAKE and wants to look everything everywhere


mom made some vegetarian dumplings for me in the morning


and I had some pomelo (obsessed with it!) while reading


For lunch, mom wanted to have italian rice with seafood casserole, so I google the recipe and made it for her


she also had some sweet potato fries


italian rice with seafood casserole

It’s really easy to make. Sautee rice, onion, garlic, frozen corn with a bit of butter, add the seafood mix, season with S+P and parmesan, top it with cheese (cheddar + mozzarella) and bake at 400F for 10 min.

I had few bites and it’s delicious. I had to restrain myself not to have too many bites since cheese is not breastfeed-friendly.

My lunch


roasted squash turkey pastel, bok choy and corn


decaf cappuchino

Afternoon was spent napping and reading. I finished Teach Your Children Well and once again, I learned so much from it. Her writing is clear and precise and give good examples. Will talk about it more later.

My friend Sarah paid me a visit in the evening, just before she was going to the hospital. She was going to be induced today and last night was the first part. She’s already 41 weeks and still no dilated at all. Praying for her!!!



leftover bok choy


silken tofu with asian duck egg


My PM routine.

7:30- finished nursing Sofia and put her in the crib. Asleep baby! 🙂

Skin care PM routine: cleanser, eye cream and moisturizer. Sometime I also use toner and serum.


Night snacks:


white fungus soup





I do corn every single night, kabocha 2-3 times a week.

Stuffed with night snacks, ready to pump!


Then, I watch half of a movie or tv series and go to bed before 9pm.

Q: What’s your night routine? 

Q: What’s your favorite night snack?



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3 responses to “Journal: my PM routine

  1. Philosophy has some great products! And oh wow, that rice casserole looks sooooooooo delicious! and I hope Star gets to see Sofia soon, she’s growing so quickly and getting cuter and cuter by the day 🙂

  2. I’ve been away from blogging/blog reading for a while, and Sofia has gotten soooo big! It’s amazing how quickly they change… It sounds like you are enjoying your time with her. And I always love to see all the colorful corn on your blog! 🙂

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