Life: sleepy mama and baby

After the two days retreat and being away from my baby girl, all I wanted to do the next two days was to soak up with her and to sleep. Yes, sleep! for some reason I was exhausted. The first night of the retreat I didn’t sleep well (too much information to process I guess) so the next day I didn’t wake up until 5:45, which is 1.5 later than usual. Fortunately I had my mom who attended to Sofia at her usual 5-ish stir. However 9 hrs of sleep was not enough, I even took a morning nap afterwards.


Sofia behaved really well those two days that I was away. She took 4 naps per day and slept well at night, which made my mom’s job much easier. My mom even asked me: ” can you save some of the maternity leave for later when S becomes more demanding? because now she’s so easy!” unfortunately I cant do that, my job is not a day-to-day job that I can just go one day and leave the other. I think her question just showed how easy is Sofia these days.:)


Sofia had her 2 month check up last week. She was almost 10 weeks by then. She was 10 lb s 8 oz, 21.75 in. height and HC of 15.875 in. Everything is going really well. The ped congrated me for getting S to sleep 6+ hrs at her longest stretch. Apparently for her age that is really good. I was very proud of all the effort I put on that. Sofia got two shots and 1 oral drop. Mom and I were expecting her to cry fiercely as she did it last time. But for our surprise, she cried just few sec and stopped. All the time that we were at ped, she was a happy girl looking around. 🙂


We think Sofia really likes going out and meet new people. She behaves extremely well when we go out even in her fussiest period. A social girl indeed.


Sofia slept more than 7 hrs last night! YEY!!! She’s been averaging 6 hrs for 2 weeks and now she seems to want to step into the 7 hrs zone! 🙂 Her morning naps are great averaging 2 hrs each. The afternoon ones are short (45-75 min) and she doesnt always the 4th one. If she doesn’t sleep after the 4:30 feeding, I try to start the bed routine 15 min earlier to avoid over tiredness. Once I didn’t do that and she was OT. Although she fell asleep around the same time (7:30), she woke up every hour until 11. That’s a clear sign of OT, the solution is to move the bed time earlier.


She dropped the 2nd feeding of the night. Now she only needs to be fed once. No matter what time she eats, either 12.30 or 2:45, she doesn’t need to eat again until the next morning (7 ish). She still stirs a bit around 5, I just give her the pacifier and put her in the swing and she goes back to sleep without problem.


That’s all for now, will resume the journal post tomorrow! 🙂



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2 responses to “Life: sleepy mama and baby

  1. Such a blessing to hear all her 2-month checkup went well. She sure us growing well, too!

    Her nap schedule is what I would love for our son – 3-4 naps lasting 45mins to 2 hrs. I read that this is rely ideal for babies ages 6wks to 3 months, so you’re doing a great job (Sofia and mommy!)

  2. She is honestly looking cuter every day! 🙂 And I can totally see you and your husband in her!

    BTW, I’m so impressed she sleeps so much. I know some Doctors recommend waking up babies every 3-4 hours during the night to feed them but I think that’s ludicrous! I know I’m not a mother but I figure if they’re sleeping . . . let them stay that way!

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