Life: weekend highlights

  • I got stocked up on my beloved decaf nespresso.


3 kinds of decaf


Why are they so good but expensive? They are my daily indulgences. 🙂

  • I went to a baby shower on Saturday night. It was great to see other pregnant ladies (I miss being pregnant!). The host is having twins and is scheduled for c-section next Friday. The other girl is 34 weeks but has been having more contractions that she would like. Both of them are excited but a bit worried about what comes next. I kept telling them that they are going to experience the best thing in life, so relax about the birth, it’s too short and too irrelevant when looking at the big pic.
  • I made a brunch-kind of breakfast on Sunday. Love it



scrambled eggs with ketchup, toasted bagel from Paul’s with Tj’s goat cheese with blueberries

  • Mom and I went to have Thai food on Sunday. Sofia slept the whole time. 🙂

Tom yum soup with seafood


Tom Kan soup with chicken


Jumbo grilled shrimp Thai salad (spicy!)


Pai Thai with glass noodles and seafood


  • We went to the mall with Sofia. She is such a great baby these days, she slept in the carseat most of the time and let mama shop around. When she did wake up after a 3 hrs nap, I fed her with a cover in the mall. A pro to nurse in public nowadays.


love kissing her!!!


Happyly fed and rested baby. People walked by and said: “…. look that cutie, she is a real Christmas gift!” I wanted to tell them: “that’s a gift of life! 🙂

  • Sofia is sleeping really well these days. Her longest stretches at night were 6, 6.5 and 5 hrs. During the day she take 3-4 naps of 1-2 hrs, or 2 naps of 3 hrs. Amazing!!! Yesterday she slept 18 hrs in total. 😯
  • She’s more contented when she’s awake. She babbles and makse different sounds ALL the time like wanting to talk to us


  • Sofia ate only once for two nights. During the day she is eating every 3-4 hrs. I wonder if she’s more efficient eating, or she has bigger stomach or what. But I like not being a buffet all the time! 🙂


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4 responses to “Life: weekend highlights

  1. Fun weekend! I love the photos of you & Sofia. She’s getting so big!

  2. Yay for breastfeeding at the mall, aren’t covers amazing once you get the hang of feeding the wee baby?

    I love that Sofia is making her chatting noises, so so cute!

  3. Min

    So cute 😉 You look happy as always. You miss being pregnant? I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that, but that’s great! Something to look forward to in the near future, hopefully ;). I LOVE pad-thai! My absolute favorite!!

  4. Dani

    Hello! I love your blog. I used to read it all the time & then stopped for a year or so because I moved countries, got married, just busy! Anyway I decided to see if your blog was still up a few days ago & now you have an adorable baby! Congrats! I am pregnant too (13 weeks) so I have been going back & reading about your experience. Anyway I just wanted to say hello & that I like your blog very much! Hehe.
    Dani 🙂

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