Journal: my AM routine

Yesterday I talked about routines for Sofia. It made me realize that I also have routines that haven’t changed much for years. My current AM routine goes like this:

Wake up (4:30 am lately), drink a big glass of warm water that I brought to the basement the night before (right, I can’t even wait until I go to the kitchen), take the phone, turn off the alarm (I always set up an alarm to wake up at 4:45 but always wake up before that). Go to the second floor, close my mom’s and Sofia’s rooms door. Check the note mom left for me about S’s feeding times. Go to the kitchen, prepare for pumping. It takes 45 min to empty both breasts, meanwhile I either entertain with iPad or doze a bit. Done with that, if Sofia hasn’t woke up, I’d take a short nap. If she has stirred a bit and needs my assistance (almost everyday), I stay at the nursery with her as she sleeps. At 6am, I go to the kitchen and prepare a capucchino


A decaf capucchino with almond milk and a small bowl of cereal

then I go back to the nursery and sit besides her waiting for her to wake up for the day. I enjoy my capucchino and read blogs. Somedays I will have another capucchino because I haven’t fully enjoyed the taste of it if S stirs frequently which makes me anxious and not be able to focus on my beloved coffee.

Then around 7 Sofia wakes up for the day. 🙂

That’s my current AM routine. Before having S I usually wake up between 6-7 and do the same (coffee, cereal, blogs) followed by a workout. Will do the PM routine tomorrow! 🙂


After S’s morning routine and took her first nap (the most reliable one of the day). Mom and I had breakfast



Coffee with cream and a chinese empanada


filled with grounded pork and chinese chives



decaf chai with Almond milk + gluten free pancakes with almond butter sauce

Can’t get enough of it! 🙂


Once S was up from her nap, we went for a walk. It was cold and windy but sunny. Once again, we both enjoyed it a lot.

Back home for lunch. S was still sleeping in the car seat so mom and I had a peaceful lunch.


sauteed greens, roasted butternut squash turkey pastel and corn


it tastes even better as leftover! 😉

I took a quick nap (30 min) and read this new book in the nursery while S took her nap. Once mom was up from her nap, S was up as well, so I fed her and went for a workout. My abs is finally getting some kind of shape! 😆

Sofia’s last nap of the day was bumpy, she probably slept 45 min in total but with frequent wake ups. The last nap of the day is the hardest to get, so it’s normal.

I made again the soup. Upon reader request, this is how I make it, which is extremely simple.

Ingredients: bok choy or green mustard chopped, dry shrimp hydrated, black fungus hydrated, and this sauce. I forgot take pic of the firm tofu

this sauce and the dry shrimp are key ingredients


1. Heat the pan, add some canola oil.

2. Add the greens, sautéed for 2-3 min.

3. Add black fungus, dry shrimp and 1 cup of water.


4. Cook for 5-10 min at medium until the greens are tender.

5. Add tofu and 2 tbsp of the chili sauce. Cook for 2 min.


6. Add 1 tsp of sugar and salt if needed.


Favorite dinner combo! Easy and delicious!


We finished dinner at 6:30 and started Sofia’s night routine. She finished eating at 7:20, I put her down at 7:30 and she was asleep by 7:31. 😀

Something weird has been happening for three nights in a row. Her first stretch has been 4 hrs, instead of 4.5 or more. After her first feeding around 11:30, she’d go back to sleep right away. However, after her second feeding at 3:30am, she doesn’t go back to sleep until an hour later. She doesn’t fuss, she simply keeps her eyes opened. She’d eventually goes to sleep but not as soundly as before. I need to be in the nursery in case that she wakes up a bit for the pacifier. Fortunately she still manages to “sleep” until her normal wake up time at 7am. I don’t know why this is happening. I hope it’s just temporary and she will go back to normal soon (eat and back to sleep right away in both feedings).

Q: What’s your morning routine?



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3 responses to “Journal: my AM routine

  1. My morning routine is simple. Wake up, shower, get ready for work, pack kids lunches, eat breakfast, out the door. LOL On the weekends I wake up, eat breakfast and the shower/get ready part happens when it happens…

  2. tes

    Yay, thanks so much for the tutorial 🙂 I love hearing people’s routines – looking forward to hearing your PM routine!

  3. That recipe sounds and looks delicious! I LOVE udon, so this is fabulous. Thanks girl! Love the morning routine, isn’t it crazy how much it changes after baby? Mine used to be: wake, exercise, shower, eat, go to work. Now it’s 8,000 steps and it has everything to do with baby haha 🙂

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