Journal: super anxious mommy & STTN tips

We had a great day yesterday but this morning (as this writing) I’m super anxious. Sofia was up for a feeding at 4am and slept on and off afterwards. I did the morning routine with her at 7am and my mom is still trying to put her down for nap after I gave up! I want to say it out so people don’t think that we have a perfect schedule or baby and everything is pink!

That being said, when I see this face…. I can’t be mad at her


taken at 6 am so it was dark

Anyway.. yesterday everything was nice except the weather. It was gray and raining so we didn’t get our daily walk but I did take a nap in the morning while S took a 2.5 hrs long nap!

I also prepared a yummy dish for lunch. Roasted butternut squash and turkey pastel


  • 1 large butternut squash
  • 1 lb. grounded turkey
  • 1/2 large onion
  • 1 cup chopped celery
  • 1 cup chopped lotus root
  • 2 tbsp minced garlic
  • 2 tbsp coconut flour
  • 1 cup water or broth
  • olive oil, S+P
  1. roast the butternut squash. I cut it in half, face down and bake for 45 min at 400F.
  2. let it cool down and take out the flesh
  3. heat the oil, add onion, celery, garlic and lotus root, sautéed for 5 min
  4. add turkey and cook for 5 min until the meat turns white
  5. S+P and the cup of water or broth (I used water) and cook at medium for 20 min.
  6. In a pan, layer the turkey mix and then the squash.
  7. bake at 375F for 20 min




After lunch, S took another 2 hrs long nap. I took a 15 min nap and started reading a new book. She woke up at 3 pm, so I wasn’t sure if I should feed her (the previous feeding was at 12) or wait until 4 which is her usual eating time. She seemed somewhat hungry so I fed her a very big meal (30 min) and skipped the next feeding.

I snacked on korean pop corn before working out


Mom told me that S took another 1 hr nap. Woooo!!! That was a really good day in term of naps! 🙂

Dinner was simple as I was rushing to get the night routine started on time (6:30pm).


bok choy, oyster mushroom, tofu, dry shrimp stew with spicy sauce, and kabocha


Now, onto STTN (sleep through the night) tips. First of all, I need to say that this is what it’s working for us, not necessary for every baby. Secondly, STTN does not mean 12 hrs of straight sleep. STTN actually means different things at different age of the baby. The cut-off for the first feed/cut-off for the next feed according to age in month is the following

up to 3 months: 4+/2.5-4/2.5-4

4 months: 5+/3.5-4

5 months: 6+/3.5-4

6 months: 7+/4

Sofia is an average baby, she usually wakes up twice between 7:30pm – 7 am to eat. Once around midnight, the next one around 3:30 am. It’s not always strict like that, sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes later. Once she woke up only once at 1:30 am and slept 6 hrs straight. Sometimes she wakes up a bit around 5-5:30, once I give her the pacifier and put her in the swing, she’ll sleep until 7 or later.

What helped her to settle into this “routine” are:

  • A night routine that is at the same time everyday. Ours is 6:30 and she’s usually down to bed at 7:30. Babies at this age usually have a late bed time (8-10pm), and as they get older, the natural bed time moves earlier. She used to be asleep between 8-8:30 just 2-3 weeks ago, but as we started the routine earlier, she’s adapted to fall sleep earlier. What you do for the night routine doesn’t really matter, what matters is when you do these things, your baby know what to expect next, aka. sleep for the night, usually the longest stretch. We do bath, massage with lotion, change to night outfit, feed and swaddle.
  • A big meal before bed. Since the baby probably won’t eat for 5-6 hrs, she/he has to eat the largest meal of the day before bed. Sofia nurses for 30-40 min in that feeding. At first she was just eating as she normally does during the day. What I did was to give her time to rest after that, and offer breast again and again until she can’t take anymore. Slowly she learned to eat more during this time and now, even she has just eaten at 5pm, she still take a full meal at 6:45. If she seems to fall into sleep, I wake her up by turning on the light, rub her palms and hand to keep her awake.
  • White noise. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of white noise for babies. White noise ALL NIGHT LONG and LOUD.
  • Swaddle. Use a swaddle that is tight enough to tie up their hands and no possible mid of the night scape. I think Sofia started to sleep for >4 hrs after we switched to the Miracle Blanket instead of Swaddle Me. We only use the MB at night, so it’s part of the routine and she knows when I swaddle her that she’s going to bed for the night.
  • Pacifier. If she/he wakes up before the next eating time, offer her/him the pacifier to see if he/she will go back to sleep. Sofia usually does go back to sleep after we give her the pacifier when we’re sure she doesn’t need to eat.
  • Don’t: we don’t rock/hold/pat her into sleep anymore. It’s not advisable to put the baby down when he/she is asleep because then they’ll never learn how to fall into sleep alone. What we do now is put her down when she’s drowsy but not asleep yet. She usually fall into sleep within 5 min.

Hope you find this helpful. So far it’s working for us. When Sofia is 3-4 months old, I hope her first stretch gets longer. Ideally at 4 months, she should be able to sleep 10-12 hrs without waking up.



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4 responses to “Journal: super anxious mommy & STTN tips

  1. tes

    Your soups always look so good! How do you make it? Maybe you could do a soup tutorial 🙂 I’m glad your sleep strategies are working well!

  2. laika

    Thanks SO SO SO much!I am hoping to incorporate all this and will let you know how things go 😉

  3. Hiiiiii, long time no comment 🙂 I’m so happy to see that you’re still blogging since I’ve come back from my little blogging break.

  4. laika

    Not sure why my normal smiley changed into a wink smiley. 🙂

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