Journal: a day at 2 months

Sofia turned 2 month yesterday so I want to do another a-day-kind of post. The last time I did it she was 2.5 weeks old. Things have changed. This is how our day looks like at this stage:
7:00– She was up for the day. I say good morning to her, touch her chin and she smiles to me. Morning routine: I take her our of the swing which is where she sleeps the last stretch of the night (the last stretch is the lightest sleep for babies so the swing helps). I change her diaper which is really heavy (the last change was at 1:30 am) and it has only poop (she stopped pooping at night for almost two weeks). Then I change to her day time cloth. I take her to the bathroom, wash her face, let her look at the mirror, and apply lotion to her face. None of the above except for the diaper change is necessary but I do it because it let her learn that it is the start of the day (night time is over). If she wakes up before 7 but after 6, I do the same.
7:20– Breakfast for S. She is eating full meals instead of snacks which is good for naps, usually nurse one side for 15-20 min.
7:40– I take her downstairs, turn the TV so there’s some kind of noise, put her in the bouncer and I prepare breakfast. She poops right there, I can hear it.


7:50– Back to the nursery, I change her diaper again and start the nap routine. I swaddle her loosely using swaddle me (we use miracle blanket at night) so her hands cannot move around, put her in the swing, turn on the white noise and offer the pacifier. I am with her until she closes her eyes (5-10 min usually). If she doesn’t need assistance (putting back the pacifier, shake the swing a bit), I just look at her. Usually the first nap of the day is really easy to get. She’s asleep within 75 min from waking up, most of the time within an hour.
8:00– Mom and I eat breakfast.


gluten free pancakes with almond butter sauce

9:00– I pump and blog.
10:00– Sofia is up. she looks refreshed from the 2 hrs nap. I talk to her and try to get her to smile to us. 🙂
10:15– Diaper change and her morning snack.
10:30– I let my mom hold her up for 10 min while I change and prepare to go for the walk.
10:50– We leave for the walk after putting Sofia the thick outer layer, place her in the carseat, turn on the white noise app from my iPhone, give her the pacifier, cover the carseat with a blanket to block the wind and sun. She almost immediately falls into sleep. Sometimes she doesn’t close her eyes right away, but she wouldn’t fuss either, she will just look steadily ready to sleep. Usually after two blocks, she is asleep.
12:20– back from the our 5 miles walk. S is still asleep so we let her sleep in the carseat. Mom and I snack something while I prepare lunch.
12:40- S still asleep so we have lunch. Mom had leftovers from the other day and I had


sautéed mustard greens with garlic


winter melon soup with bamboo, black fungus, dry shrimp and tomato


and a corn later. My tummy can’t digest meat very well so after eating that steak on Sunday, I was quite bloated.

13:10– I turn off the white noise and Sofia woke up 1 min later. She was not very happy about it. I guess she wanted to sleep more. But after she woke up fully, she was happy again.
13:20– Diaper change and feeding. Some play time followed

14:10– I started the nap routine, but this time she wouldn’t fall sleep soundly. She would sleep for 15 min and wakes up and fuss a bit. I give her the pacifier, shake the swing and she would fall sleep again. In total, she slept for an hour.
16:00– Fully awake so I played with her in the crib for a bit. Then diaper change.
16:10– S afternoon snack.
16:30– I gave S to mom and went to the basement for a workout. Before that, I had some snacks


sunflower seeds, Asian pear and grapes

17:00- Mom informed me that S fell asleep.
18:00– Finished my workout (40 min jog, 30 min of Post pregnancy Workout) and S was still asleep (she woke up once at 5:30 and mom helped her to go back to sleep by holding her a bit)
18:10– I got dinner preparation started and then took a shower. I asked mom to let S wake up from the nap by turning on the light and stop the white noise. She was up within 5 min.
18:20– We had dinner while S sit in the bouncer and no fuss. I notice that if she had good naps during the day, she wouldn’t fuss at witching hour.


leftover from lunch and kabocha

18:30– Night routine starts. Bath, lotion, nigh outfit and diaper.
18:45– Last feeding of the day. She eats almost double of the time during this feeding from both breasts. It’s like she knows that she will go for a long stretch so she eats more. Some people say that babies nurses longer at this feeding because the milk supply is lower at night, I don’t think this is true because I can tell from how much she eats that is not about lower supply.
19:20– I turn the light off, turn the white noise on. I hold her upright for 10 min and then swaddle her, put the sleep sack. She is drowsy but not asleep.
19:30– Put her down in the crib and I walk out. I check on her on the monitor, she had her eyes opened.
19:35– She fuss a bit so I went back to the nursery, gave her the pacifier and she closed her eyes and fell asleep.
20:00– I pump to empty the breasts while munched on corns. I only get 1 oz usually, but it’s okay, it helps to build the supply at night.
20:45- I go to sleep.

That’s a typical day with a two month baby. I like the routine as well as mom because we can get out of of the house, breath some fresh air, chat, and both of us have plenty of free time during the day while S takes naps. Things will change again when I go back to work, so I will do another a-day-kind of post then.



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3 responses to “Journal: a day at 2 months

  1. Sounds like you’ve got everything down to a science! I love Sofia’s outfit in the first photo. She looks so cozy!

  2. that is a cute little PJ!! Sofia looks so different now!

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