Life: how we spent Thanksgiving?

  • We didn’t go to malls/outlets, a new tradition that I really like πŸ˜‰ I did do some cyber shopping online, will show them when they arrive.
  • I made another pound cake for mom. This time I used 1/3 of the batter mixed with some melted chocolate, and swirl it before baking. Look how pretty it is



as well as almond biscotti



with blueberries


and without

  • We did groceries shopping together with S and it went well. $150 worth of groceries! πŸ˜‰


  • Playing with this girl who started to smile more and more each day!




  • I invited a high school friend Susan and her parents for lunch on Β Saturday.


preparation station


snack table


the full meal for 5 people!


pork belly with bamboo


my signature spicy red sauce fish


Coke chicken wings


sauteed spicy kabocha


sauteed bok choy


pork ribs, chinese yam and napa cabbage soup

  • I got to see some good friends. On Saturday evening, my advisor Carmen throw a party at her house, the last one there. On Sunday I had lunch with them at Bistrot Du Coin


Cesar, one of my best friends from school who lives in Toronto now. It was so nice to see him.

Mom and I shared two dishes.


mini ravioli with seafood


steak with fries

I ate most of the steak dish, the steak was GREAT!!!

And we took Sofia with us!!! That was our first eating out experience with S and all went very well. I fed her right after we arrive, and then she played with my friends for a while before taking a nap in the stroller.


and she smiled!!!!


a lot!!!


Now she smiles “on demand”. If we touch her mouth and smile to her, she’ll smile us back! πŸ˜†


after lunch, we walked to an argentinean ice cream/coffee bar.


Mom and I shared Afogatto (ice cream with a shot of espresso)


and a churro


It was a great Thanksgiving without turkey nor shopping craziness, and I loved it! πŸ™‚

How’s Sofia doing?

She’s doing GREAT!!!! She’s exactly 2 month old today! πŸ™‚

Her naps are more and more consistent. I’m soooo happy to finally figure out how to read her cues and make her take naps consistently. During the last 4 days, she’s been taking 3-4 naps everyday, ranging from 1-3 hrs. She barely fuss and she’s a happy girl when she’s awake. At night her longest straight was 6 hrs (last night), but most likely 4-5 hrs. She’s eating 7 times per day, 5 during the day and 2 at night, which is a lot less than before (10-12 times).

I’m so hopefully things will get better each day and we will have more fun playing with her! πŸ™‚

Absolutely love being a MOM!!!!



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7 responses to “Life: how we spent Thanksgiving?

  1. What a wonderful sounding weekend! Look at all those cute baby smiles! LOVE

  2. laika

    You have a gorgeous girl. I am a recent mom just like you. My baby is a few days younger than yours but is not showing any signs of sleeping through the night. Would you please write a post on how you get your baby to sleep for 4-5 hours at night?

    The morning naps are on the swing so we are able to get 1-1.5 hours on those. Thanks for the tips.


  3. Cheers to motherhood and baby naps! I’m still working on getting my little baby to sleep for more than 2h at night, and he’s 3 months old! Look forward to your post on sleeping through the night. : )

  4. Sofia is such a beautiful little girl! Her smile is precious!

    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful weekend with your family and friends! The meal you prepared for your friends looks delicious–especially the spicy red sauce fish and kabocha.

    We must live very close to each other! I love Bistro du Coin, and go to Dolcezza for coffee and gelato quite frequently. Their afogato is amazing!

  5. I’m glad you had such a great thanksgiving! I can’t believe that precious little face.. that smile melted my heart β™₯

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