Journal: mama’s fault

After the nap success, we had a not so successful day, and I think it was my fault. The first nap worked well, she was asleep after an hour of awake time and slept for 1.5 hrs. After that, I though we can go to the mall for her next nap. So after feeding her we went to the mall. At beginning she fell into sleep but she was up 25 min later. However, she didn’t fuss and went back to sleep. Then, up again and back to sleep. I’d say she had a fragmented sleep and that was not restorative for her because once home she seemed overtired and cranky. That affected her afternoon naps and the first stretch at night too. Sorry Sofia, it’s mama’s fault! To avoid that happening again, I plan to follow the nap schedule at home or for our morning walk for a week to let her learn the routine better before adventuring other activities.


Yesterday I made a new and delicious breakfast: gluten free pancakes


2 T. coconut flour, 2 T flax meal, 1/4 c. pumpkin, 1/4 c. egg white, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1 t. baking powder and cinnamon

for topping I thinned out almond butter with almond milk


Love this! will definitely make again

After breakfast we did a mini photo session for S with her new outfit







she is looking more like a baby girl each day! 🙂

And then a poop explosion occurred, poop was all over the place!!!


look her thighs!


we gave a quick bath, changed her outfit and got ready to go to the mall



Once back home we had lunch before her next feeding.


stir fry shrimp with broccoli, green pepper and onion with Guilin chili sauce


During winter I crave spicy food. It’s so comforting. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to bother S much.

A choppy napping afternoon followed. She napped for 30 min or less and started fussing fighting to sleep again. I could tell she wanted to sleep but just could’t, aka. signs of overtiredness.

We had dinner with S with us who eventually catnapped for 15 min.



napa cabbage, black fungus and tofu soup with korean spicy paste and miso

I put her down at 7:45 pm almost asleep but by 8:10 she started fussing again. Mom helped her get back to sleep while I was pumping and chewing corns (fussy baby, stressed mama :() She gave her the pacifier a couple of times and S finally fell sleep at 8:45, which is definitely later than usual. In total she slept 10 hrs (3, 3.5, 3.5) and I slept 7.5. I woke up without leaking and still managed to pump 9 oz (45 min session). I guess pumping after feeding her to empty out helped.

Happy Thanksgiving if you’re celebrating! We don’t but we’ll make it another great day with our little girl! 🙂


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11 responses to “Journal: mama’s fault

  1. Little girls are so fun to dress up! I love the last picture of her looking down. So cute!

  2. Hi Coco, I JUST “refound” you after many months away. Yay! Congratulations on your beautiful little daughter. She’s gorgeous!! All the best to you and your whole family. Roz from Canada.

  3. Min

    Your daughter is so so adorable! I just want to pinch her cheeks ;). Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! First one as a mom..and more to come!

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