Journal: 10 new mom must haves

Every blogger mom has a post about things they find useful with a newborn, so here’s mine:

1. Swing


We have both the swing and the bouncer but Sofia only sleeps in the swing. She naps almost exclusively in the swing, and even sometimes in the early morning (4-5), after I feed her, she sleeps better in the swing than the crib. I think she spends at least 1/3 of the day in the swing. Even if she’s not sleeping, she is calmer in it. We have the bouncer in the dinning area to keep S while we eat. But she doesn’t like the bouncing feature that comes with it, she needs us to bounce her with our foot to get bigger movements in order to stop fussing.

2. White noise


it’s key for night sleep, we even use sometime during the day. It’s magical, if she’s ready the sleep, the moment we turn it on, she starts to fall sleep. At the beginning I only turn in on to sooth her to sleep and turn it off when she is asleep (I was using the sleep sheep above). But after talking with some new moms and online research, I started using it all night long (I downloaded some white noise mp3 and play it in a iPod station) It definitely helps her stay asleep longer and I don’t have to worry about the sleep sheep turning off before she’s in deep sleep, and we don’t need to walk with tippy toes around her.

3. Soothie pacifier


We have both the soothie and the nuk, she likes soothie much more. It soothes her back to sleep if she wakes up at night, and soothes her during the day if she’s fussy. Life saver!!! It’s extremely useful when going out. You don’t want other people think you are a bad parent by having a baby that cries nonstop. At first my concern was how can I tell if she needs to eat or just sooth when she cries. Well, she let’s you know when she really needs to eat because she would spit it out right away even you keep putting it back.

4. Crib sheet and diaper changer protector


It’s a sheet that you put on top of the crib sheet or diaper changer that has one side that is plastic. This is useful because baby spit up a lot and you don’t want to change sheet every time they spit up, or she/he pee or poop when you’re changing the diaper

5. Newborn clothes with mitten cuffs

Babies nails are so thin and their hands so tiny, you don’t want to use the nail clipper until you gain enough confidence on the endeavor. However, their nails grow very fast and they scrap themselves ALL the time. The mittens are not so useful because they get lost easily, so if the onesie comes with mitten cuff, it solves all the problems.

6. Dr. Browns bottles


I have this set. These are the best one in the market for colic babies because its system avoids babies to take air when eating. The nipples are natural flow. I tried it and it’s pretty easy to get the milk out of it.

7. Miracle blanket


I have Adens Anais blankets, the swaddle me and the miracle blanket. Adens Anais blankets are light weighted but it’s complicate to swaddle well and not warm enough for winter. Swaddle me is very easy to use but babies get out of them easily. The miracle blanket is the best to keep them swaddle all night long. I only use it at night because it takes a little bit more time to use it.

8. Breast pump


I have the medela freestyle pump and love it. It’s so small and works wonderful together with the freehand bra. I’m currently using it 5-6 times a day and if it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable, I wouldn’t use it so much. I can carry it around the house and do other things (write this post for example)

9. Avent microwave sterilizer


We sterilize all the bottles and pump parts once a day and this microwave sterilizer is easy to use.

10. Baby monitor

Screen Shot 2012-11-18 at 12.22.34 PM

Love this! It’s so nice to check on the baby without entering the nursery or turn on the light.


Yesterday was a pretty low key day. Morning 5 miles walk in the morning. Some play with Sofia and that’s pretty much it.


Breakfast was the same wrap combo (egg white omelette and ham)


lunch: poached salmon, spaghetti squash, steamed lettuce and corn


this is the position that I’ve been talking about that S loves. It looks awkward but she loves it. And it’s great workout for mama’s arms.


dinner: leftover ratatouille adding 2 cups of frozen okra on spaghetti squash


snacks were corns, lotus powder and roasted butternut squash.

S slept 10.5 hrs (5, 2, 1.5, 2), I slept 5 (for some reason I couldn’t fall sleep until 11).



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3 responses to “Journal: 10 new mom must haves

  1. Jun

    With all that butternut squash (beta carotene) you’re consuming, does it ever concerns you that your complexion may turn yellow/orange-ish? Do you season the butternut squash with salt or any spices?

    • balancejoyanddelicias

      my palms tend to be yellow but that happens with or without me consuming squash so I’m not worried. Sometimes I put some cinnamon but most of the time I put nothing, I just like it plain.

  2. I love that soother and baby monitor! Wish they were on the market when I had my babies. I can see why Sofia likes that position…she can see everything! 🙂

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