Journal: a long walk

Yesterday we went for another walk after feeding Sofia. This time I turned the white noise machine from the start of the walk and she slept all the time during our 5 miles walk. Both mom and I enjoyed getting out of the house, walk by an amazing trail that is 2 blocks away and chat. It was a great moment for us to talk abut my childhood, how things have changed since I came to the US, how Sofia would be in a couple of months/Yeats, etc. The weather was perfect, cold but sunny and no wind. I think we will do it everyday if the weather allows us.

Morning started with a feeding and some playing in the crib




then i had breakfast while S took nap


A wrap with egg white and ham


then I pump when i heard S was up already. I let my mom check on her and continued to pump. Meanwhile I finished the gigantic bag of the corn puff. I don’t know if it was pumping induced hunger or fussy baby caused stress. I suspect the later.

since S didn’t nap well since 7 am, we went out for a walk after 9:30 feeding. We dressed her accordingly to the weather and she looks so cute in this outfit!


after we came back, she was still asleep so we didn’t take her out of the carseat


she slept there until almost 1pm, that was almost 3 hrs of nap! 😯 well, she really likes to be on the move~~~ once she was up, she was really hungry, so I fed her after mom changed her diaper and washed her bottom due to an explosion that occurred there πŸ˜‰

A late lunch for me (the corn puffs kept me full). Since dinner combo of the day before was so good, I made it again adding black fungus.


love it!!!

A great long morning nap means no good naps in the afternoon. She catnapped few times but didn’t sleep for longer than 30 min.

I workout (30 min jog + post pregnancy DVD), showered and run into a fussy baby (it’s the time of the day, you know!). The only way she would not fuss is to carry her around upright and walk. It looks uncomfortable to others, but she likes it, she even catnapped in that awkward position.

I roasted some butternut squash and had it as snack/pre-dinner/dessert


Dinner was leftover ratatouille with spaghetti squash.


We bathed her a bit earlier (trying early bedtime) and finished nursing her before 7:15 I put her down at 7:30 asleep but she then woke up again. She didn’t fuss at all, she just looked around and finally fell sleep at 8:20. She is definitely learning how to sooth herself to sleep.

She slept almost 11 hrs last night (4, 2.75, 1, 3). I slept 7.5 and pumped 8 oz extra. πŸ™‚


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