Journal: 7 weeks

Sofia is 7 weeks! woo!!! I almost forgot it if my mom didn’t remind me that. My baby has grown so much in such short period of time. I think she now weights over 9 lb., that’s 3 lb. gain in 7 weeks!!! So proud to be her mama providing her the food and seeing her cheeks getting fattier! 🙂 Love love her cheeks.

I asked my mom if I was chubby when I was a baby. My mom said no because she didn’t have any milk. Well…. if that’s the why, I’ll do all I can to provide her BM. yesterday I pumped every time S was fed except the last feeding at night because she nursed both side for 30 min in total so I figured I didn’t have much left. Yes, it’s tiresome to pump 6 time a day, but I got 6 oz. in addition to the 8.5 that I got at 4 am (that goes to the night feedings that my mom gives her). I put it in a bag and proudly put it in the freeze. Let the stockpiling starts!!! 😆 If I continue to do that, I’ll have over 300 oz. when I go back to work! 🙂

Protein cake for breakfast


after seeing this face with the most wild hair i’ve ever seen! 😯 My mom and I are trying everything to put it down… hop.. it goes up 30 min later.


while S napped in the morning I did groceries. When I came back, I got this package at the door.


Lovewithfood, a monthly subscription for snacks. I paid $2 for this first package, but usually costs $12. It came with a variety of goodies


Mom tried this and said: ” a bit too hard”.



I had this and it melted in my mouth within sec.. .so rich and good!


had few bites of this… just average… i like the cashew/almond ones more.


had the pumpkin spice tea. the spices are bit too strong.


to be tried yet


mom will have it.. she loves juices, I hate it!

I liked the variety of things included but I don’t think I’d pay $12 for this.

For lunch I had again squid… yes, when i like something, I’ll have it in a row until I don’t want more (except kabocha and corn, and black fungus! )


celery, squid, black fungus, bamboo stir fry on a bed of spaghetti squash


After lunch, S was taking a nap as well as my mom. I was too full to sleep right away so I grab a book


I read it a while ago and like many of its concept, so I’m just re-reading parts of it… like the sleep part?

Few minutes past 2 pm, S woke up (half asleep though), I took her to my bed with me to give her some food since she didn’t eat much at 12pm. I slept a bit while she nursed… after she finished, I was not too sleepy so I went for a short pumping session. Sofia continued her sleep in my bed on her side… so cute



look her little hands, they’ve became chubby too! 🙂


I’m getting between 1-2.5 oz., the earlier in the day the more, after each feeding, not bad!

Workout consisted a 30 min jog, uninterrupted this time, YEY!!! Definitely gaining back strength with each run! 🙂

Dinner time (aka. Sofia fussy time of the day!): sautéed chinese mustard with garlic, seaweed soup and “fried” butternut squash


I had all the intention to make butternut squash fries, spent 10 min cutting them nicely, toss it with coconut oil and cinnamon, baked at 400F for 30 min. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out as crunchy as I’d expected. It was kind of mushy, don’t know why, disappointed! 😦 I still have 1.7 big squash left, I think I’ll just make puree instead.


I don’t know why Sofia fuss so much EVERYDAY around 6pm until we bath her. Am I starting the night routine too late? I thought new babies go to bed late, like between 9-10 and our routine makes her down before 8, so I thought we’re doing okay. Maybe I should try starting the night routine earlier to see if we can avoid the 6pm fuss? But if we start at 6, then it means she’ll be in bed before 7, is that too early for a 7 weeks baby? Dunno… I need to figure it out.

Put S down at 7:50 pm. She slept 9.5 hrs (3.5, 3, 3), and I slept 7.5. If we don’t get longer stretches at 2 months of age, I’ll move the bedtime a bit earlier to see what happens.

7 weeks of maternity leave down, 9 more to go! Only 9 more? I’m enjoying so much this “vacation” that I don’t want to go back anytime soon. Well, actually I do. I don’t want to not-go-back because I can’t see me as SAHM. There’s nothing wrong with it, you definitely gets to spend more time with your baby and see every milestone, but I would lose part of my identity. I remember talking to my colleagues who was on maternity leave, she said by the end of it, she was very excited to step out of the house and be with people who can make her think other than diapers/poops/sleep issues. It’s the fact that this “vacation” is just a vacation, not a permanent style of life that makes me enjoy it so much now. I think that’s how many things go, when you have it all the time, you don’t appreciate it. Only when something is temporally or scarce, you want more of it!



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2 responses to “Journal: 7 weeks

  1. I was the same, Coco. I knew I could never be a stay at home home. I do much better out of the house each day! We are lucky in Canada, though. New Mom’s get 1 year off here. When I had Sarah it was 6 months. Either way, it’s better than the what? 6 weeks you guys get?

  2. LOVE her standing up hair, so so cute!!

    Santi is the exact same as Sofia, whenever 5:30-6pm hits, he fusses. But we also try for an 8:00/8:30pm bedtime, ’cause we all get more sleep that way. I am also thinking of maybe moving his bedtime to earlier, though, since he is a grumpy bum after 5:30pm hits, anyway, and doesn’t really like to do anything but fuss and maybe eat or play for a short period of time.

    Happy 7 weeks, Sofia!

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