journal: read the instruction!!!

Last night my mom run into my room (basement) with Sofia in the middle of a panic attack! She thought Sofia was not breathing!!! She got choked when my mom was feeding her! I jumped out of the bed, the scary incident came to my mind and I thought, my CPR class is this Thursday so I don’t know what to do yet. Fortunately it was a false alarm, S was fine breathing and looked good. But she did choke while she was eating. Why is that? My mom has told me before that S tends to move a lot and pull the nipple away while eating. There must be something wrong with the bottle then because she does those things when I nurse her too when my milk comes too fast. So I went to check the bottle (dr. brown’s) and googled it. It turned out that I was telling my mm to hold the bottle in the wrong way. Instead of holding it flat (I thought it would decrease the speed of milk flow), it should be hold at 45 degrees and leave the inner tube free contact from the milk so the air can get from it. By holding it in the wrong way, S was taking a lot of air when eating which obviously makes her uncomfortable. Once again, READ the instruction!!! don’t assume that your logic is always right!!!
Due to this midnight incident, I couldn’t get back to sleep until 1am. I was also extremely thirsty and hungry. So while I pumped, I drunk 3 big glass of water and ate 1.5 corns. At 4:30 am the alarm woke me up in the middle of a strange dream. Half asleep, pumped and took the second shift. Well, I can deal with one night of 6 interrupted hours of sleep. 🙂

Yesterday S didn’t take any nap in the morning, which made her fuss more. I guess after the 17 hrs the day before, she missed us. 🙂 It allowed me to take some pic of her awake though




breakfast was a wrap with egg white spinach omelette and turkey breast.


Protein served me well, didn’t get hungry until 3.5 hrs later when I had a honey crisp

Received some fun packages


my favorite colored balms and a new night cream taking advantage of Sephora FF. And a new pair of angle boots



this is so comfortable to wear and walk. I was going to return it because I’m not sure what wear with it, but my mom insisted to keep it because it’s good quality and looks nice on me. I trust my mom’s styling judgement, so I’m keeping it. 🙂

Lunch came along, the same combo as yesterday. Used preserved olive for the stir fry instead.


turkey breast, onion, green beans and green peppers


Sofia finally got to take a nap with me after lunch, and after she took the first nap, the following ones are easier. I got time to bake a pound cake for my mom


I know pound cakes are high in fat, sugar and white flour, but that’s what my mom likes the most. I’ve tried healthifying things for her, she prefers the real ones. Since she is great at portion controls and eat a lot of veggies and good proteins for meals, I think it’s okay to eat some not-so-healthy baked goodies.


Original pound cake

  • 2 sticks of butter, room temperature
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 4 large eggs, room temperature
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup raisin (optional)

1. Beat butter with sugar for 8-10 until fluffy.

2. Add eggs once at the same.

3. Fold in flour and raisin.

4. Bake at 325 F for 65 min.

She had a piece right after it cooled down and gave me a big thumb up! 😆

I workout and made dinner.


Sautee squid with celery and black fungus


A corn as dessert as usual.

Sofia was asleep by 7:55 pm. I pumped and went to sleep at 9pm until the “incident”. Overall Sofia slept 9 hrs (3.5, 2.5, 3), and I slept 6 (interrupted though). Not too bad. 😉

Yesterday I started to pump almost after each feeding to start building a stockpile for when I go back to work. I know I still have two months of maternity leave, but I want to build a fairly good stash so I don’t have to worry about it, and to be able to breastfeed Sofia for longer. There’s so much controversy about what’s the optimal length: 6 months? a year? I think for now my goal is no-formula for 6 months, and will see how the pumping at work goes after that and do more research on the topic. I’m considering in buying a separate freezer to store the milk. Things can build up fairly quickly.



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7 responses to “journal: read the instruction!!!

  1. I also don’t always read the instructions and just assume what I think is right 🙂

    Cute boots! I might order them. I’ve been looking for a comfy pair and those are really cute.

  2. Sarah use to choke when I was feeding her at about the same age as Sofia. One time I rushed her to the Dr. and he told me that the milk was coming to fast out of the hole in the nipple of the bottle and she wasn’t able to swallow quick enough. I’m sure the angle of the bottle is important, as well, but just a thought for something else you could check….

    Must check out that lip balm. Was it all from Sephora?

    • balancejoyanddelicias

      thanks Krista for tip on the nipple, I’ll check that too. Yes, I got them from Sephora, the best lip balm ever, though pricey!

  3. she is adorable!! :)) I wish I could see S in person!

  4. Jun

    The cake you baked looks good! Do you refrain yourself from all those so called not-so-healthy baked goods? ‘Cos if I were you, I’d have a hard time resisting a slice hehe.

  5. Yi

    Have you tried your new love skinny jeans with the ankle boots? Maybe topped with an oversized tee or a blazer. I like cute boots comfy enough for walking.

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