Journal: 17 hrs

Sofia slept 17 hrs in total yesterday! wooo! another record! šŸ˜† This means I got plenty of time to finish this amazing book that I just wrote about here.

Breakfast after feeding Sofia: spinach pumpkin oatmeal with AB


I had some frozen spinach in the fridge that was going bad, so I just added it in the oatmeal and really couldn’t taste it.


I noticed that eating oatmeal for breakfast does not fill me up as it used to be. I would get hungry just 2-3 hrs afterward rather than 4+ hrs if I eat a high protein breakfast. I guess breast feeing requires more protein than usual.

When S woke up from her first morning nap, I wanted to take a pic of her new outfit. But a hungry baby was fiercely against it!


So I fed her and finally got a good shot


Then we had lunch. Mom and I decided to do groceries once we finish everything we have in the fridge. Our last two months groceries bills went up to 1000 (for 5 person) due to frequent trips, so we want to see how much we spend (2 person now) if we go to buy when we use up everything. So yesterday’s lunch was a throw-it-together kind of meal.
A stir fry spaghetti squash with chicken breast, broccoli, onion, green beans with soy sauce, mirin and rice vinegar.


totally random but tasty nonetheless


more naps in the afternoon. I took one with her too, powerful 45 min. Then I finished the book and went to the mini gym. I jogged for 25 min this time. It was the third time I jog since giving birth and already feeling much better!!! The first two (15,20 min) were really hard and I was afraid not being able to regain the strength once I had. Yesterday I did 15 min, walked for 15 and run another 10 and was not exhausted and could have run more. This gave me a good boost to the confidence! šŸ™‚

A boring dinner followed. More leftover (last one) and kabocha.


Sofia was asleep by 7:50, slept 10 hrs in total (4, 2.5, 3.5) and I slept 7! We are getting more and more regular night sleep and 2-4 naps. The six week mark is real! I’m so glad that we are out of the survival mode! šŸ™‚ Looking forward to longer night stretches!



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2 responses to “Journal: 17 hrs

  1. Sounds like a great day! I love both of Sofia new outfit picture’s!

  2. Sofia! Keep it up baby girl!

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