Journal: almost a textbook baby

Sofia behaved almost like a textbook baby yesterday!!! And she slept 5 hrs straight last night!!! YEY!!! I’m sooooo happy with all the progress we’re doing here. I think a good night sleep is making her a happier baby during the day, which makes her easier to take naps, which leads to good night sleep. A virtuous cycle indeed!

As I said yesterday, she smiled to me in the morning. And then we went down to have breakfast together. For the first time, she sit on the lounge peacefully for a good 20 min. She just looked around.


She then took two 1.5 hrs long nap with one feeding in between, following exactly the EASY schedule. I blogged, workout and read few pages of this book. For lunch mom prepared

potato with fried eggs in soy sauce, a shanghainese classic dish


sautéed chinese mustard greens (I love it!)


half steamed tilapia (all for me)


After lunch we went to my six weeks postpartum appt, S slept on the ride. Everything is back to place and healed, okay to start any kind if exercise. YEY! I will start doing Tracy Anderson’s postpartum workout. Hopefully I get my abs back soon! 🙂

I was going to meet with two coworkers, but they were busy at that time and the weather was cold and dark, so we head home. Another nursing session that ended up being very happy for Sofia



Woooo! love this smile!

Few catnaps here and there, while I snacked leftover baked acorn squash, some cereals and fruits while watching chinese TV series.


when she woke up, she looked around. I know babies like pictures so I placed the back cover of a magazine for her.


we had tummy time too


some grandma look-at-me faces


and we had dinner while S took another catnap in the bouncer


winter melon, tomato, black fungus and dry shrimp soup


Night routine and S fell asleep befre 8pm. I was very sleepy by then, so I went to bed right away and slept from 8:15 to 4:15. 8 hours!!! 😆 That felt good! 😉



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2 responses to “Journal: almost a textbook baby

  1. hahaha that smiley face is too precious! It’s funny because of how blissful and content she looks. 😀

  2. She looks so darn content after eating! And she’s becoming so much more alert, too. What a sweetheart! Glad to hear you are all healed up and ready to get active again…:)

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