Journal: what a face


this is then face that I’m obsessed with. Every time after nursing, I hold her upright, shed lie her head on my shoulder and I can’t move my sight from her face. Precious is not even close to what I think it is. I’m already sad for when she grows up and I won’t be able to have her chubby cheek so close to me anymore. I’m already sad for the day she becomes independent and not want to hang put with mami anymore. However, i know one day she will return to me to be my little girl again, just as I am with my mom. πŸ™‚ Meanwhile I will savor every minute of her being so little and so needy of me. From the conversation I had with all the mothers with bigger babies or kids, I learned that I shouldn’t worry too much about anything, sleep, eat, poop, etc, just do what makes her happy. Don’t let these issues to take away this precious and unique moment having a newborn. πŸ™‚ Once I realize that, I enjoy even more being with her, even she’s fussy or doesn’t want to sleep, I enjoy holding her walking around the house to calm her down.

After Sofia had breakfast and wasn’t ready for nap, I took her downstairs to have breakfast with us.

I made a almond butter + banana sandwich, grilled


Yum yum! this is the brand of almond butter that I’m using.


The taste of vanilla is mild but noticeable, very nice sweet AB.

And then we went to pick up S’s birth certificate in DC. She slept through the ride and the wait! πŸ™‚


Once home, I fed her, talked to my BFF on Skype, who’s 29 weeks pregnant too! πŸ™‚ Love having my good friends pregnant and/or have newborn, so much to talk and share! πŸ™‚

For lunch, I had leftover eggplant and lotus roots, and made a quick sautee using brussel sprouts, spinach, carrot, onion, fire roasted tomato and tofu, and a corn.


kind of random but tasty


Afternoon was a bit rough. I let my mom take nap first while I nursed S planning to sleep after S goes to sleep. I was extra sleepy yesterday because I was up since 3 am. But no matter what I did, S wouldn’t sleep, or sleep for no more than 10 min. A poop explosion happened too!


She hardly noticed it… still enjoying the post feeding high


And then mom woke up, took her. But by then I was overtired and couldn’t sleep. So instead I went to have my daily walk. When I finished, S still haven’t slept! She showed signs of wanting to sleep but just wasn’t be able to. If I rock her or walk around with her she would fall int sleep, but then 10 min later, eyes open again. 😦 Anyway, back and force is what babies do. We just flow with them. πŸ™‚

For dinner I made a spinach turkey frittata together with lunch leftover and kabocha



We bath her and fortunately she fall sleep at 7:50. I, very very tired, went to sleep. I didn’t get up until 4:30 this morning. When I went to the nursery, baby was not there! She was on my mom’s bed!!! My mom says that S woke up at 9:30 pm or half awake, so she took her to her bed and S slept very soundly until 11:50 pm, that’s more than four hours of sleep (although interrupted once). I’m all against co-sleeping, but in some circumstances you just do what you have to do. S was overtired and the #1 priority is to get her into sleep, NO MATTER HOW! After eating she went back to sleep until 3 AM, so another 3 hrs down. She ate at 3 AM and then I took her to my room while still asleep. She started fussing a bit around 5AM, I nursed her for 10 min and she fell sleep again until 6:30. I would say it was a good night sleep for S, not for my poor mom who was too afraid to sleep besides Sofia.

It’s sunny again here, I slept almost 8 hrs, so I’m in great mood today! We don’t have any plan for the day, let’s see what I come up with. Maybe some baking? πŸ™‚



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4 responses to “Journal: what a face

  1. kristaskravings

    That almond butter sounds delish! And I love Sofia’s white sweater! Wish I had one for myself. HAHA! I gotta say, I do not miss poop explosions! LOL

    Enjoy your day, Coco!

  2. She is beautiful and I could totally see how you could feel nostalgic already! πŸ™‚

  3. Yes to baking!!

    It is so special to have so much time with your baby, no rush to do anything and you can simply stare at her sweet face! I am trying to cherish those moments as well, and enjoy the cuddling even when my babe is fussy and crying.

    Love all tofu dishes! Any vegetable with that lovely protein is so, so delicious. And your love of corn is so goofy! I haven’t had corn in a longgg time, but seeing you eat it always make me wish I had some at home.

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