Journal: hitting the record!

Sofia slept 16 hrs in total yesterday!!! 😆 Although the longest stretch at night was 3.5 hrs, I would say it was definitely a big progress. She took 2 naps in the morning (two 1 hr) and 3 naps in the afternoon (30 min, 1’40” and 2’20”). Both mom and I couldn’t believe how good she has been sleeping. And the consequence of a good day of naps? She was in great mood when awake and she fell sleep in the crib at night by herself, another first!!! 😆

after nursing her I had an early breakfast (7:30 am) due the extra hour that we have now 🙂


Homemade honey bread grilled sandwich with ham and cheese


I need to make more bread, it’s so good!

After playing a bit with S and nurse her again, I went to get groceries. When I came back, S wanted food but mama needed to change


she didn’t like posting for a pic or she REALLY wanted to eat… so half changed I fed her


some snuggle happened too


lunch was prepared by mom


half of fresh whole tilapia steamed. All for me! 🙂


sautéed chinese mustard


Pork belly in red sauce and soy knots


naps for the whole family. Usually mom and I take turns to make sure if S is waking up, one of us is there for her. When she wakes up rested, she likes looking at the mobile and us.



observing the mobile very seriously


more feeding, and milk everywhere


I think my left breast is supplying a bit more than S needs. Milk comes in fast and large amount which makes S cough sometimes. I started practicing sandwich hold to reduce the speed a bit, it definitely helps but it’s tiring for me to hold S with one hand and compress the breast with the other hand. But well, if it makes my baby more comfortable, I’ll do anything!

S napped while I workout. I tried the elliptical and it felt good, no cramping nor any kind of discomfort. 🙂
And then I prepared dinner. Not only for me and mom, but also for my dear friend Sarah and her husband who moved to the neighbor last Friday! Now we live 1 mile apart! Yay to have good friends living so close! 🙂


I made them stir fry rice


and a sautéed veggies (cauliflower, onion and carrot) with chicken in Tsao sauce.



mom had a bit of both and loved it too! 🙂

And my dinner: kabocha with a quick sautéed


Had to use up lotus root and egg plant, so I sautéed then together with the olive preserve. YUM!


corn and lotus powder followed

Sofia slept from when I started to workout until we finished dinner. 2.5 hrs!!! While we had dinner, she slept peacefully in the Bobby lounge.


Such a cutie 🙂

And then bath and dinner for S. Since she just took a long nap, by the time we finished nursing (7:20) it was only 40 min since she woke up. I was afraid she wouldn’t want to go bed anytime soon. After burping and holding her up, she was still quite awake with eyes wide open. However, she was quiet, not fussy, just looking around. I though, maybe I can put her in the crib and see what she does. I put her down, for the first time awake hoping for the best. 5 min later she still awake but no fuss no crying. Okay, maybe that’s how she learns to go to sleep by herself. And she did!!! She fuss a bit later, once I put the pacifier, she calmed down right away. And she finally fell sleep at 8:20. A big applause for S! 🙂 Furthermore, she didn’t wake up until 11:50!!! And after that, my mom fed her and she went back to sleep for another 3 hrs until I took over. The next stretch was a bit bumpy. I was in the nursery with her all the time after 3:20 because she would sleep and then half awake, and then once I gave her the pacifier, she fell sleep again, and repeat. I didn’t sleep anymore obviously but she got another 1.5 hrs. I would say it was definitely a great night for her! 🙂

let me share you something funny that happened yesterday

A conversation between a “stubborn” mom and a rational daughter

M: “let me first wash her hair and then her body”

D: “No mom, we should first wash her body and then the hair”

M: “But from the course I took, they told us to first wash the hair”

D: “Mom, it makes more sense to wash the hair the last because that way she doesn’t have to have her wet head in exposure for a long time. The head loses heat very fast, we don’t want her to get cold”

M: ” But that’s not what they taught us.”

D: “I know, but what’s the rational of doing that? Don’t you think my method makes more sense?”

M: “I don’t know what’s the reason, but they say first wash the hair and then bath.”

D: “Alright mom, we first bath her and then wash the hair. End of discussion”



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3 responses to “Journal: hitting the record!

  1. kristaskravings

    HAHA! Cute conversation! Glad to hear Sofia slept well yesterday. I hope for you that the trend continues so you can catch up on some sleep!

    I have that same General Tsao sauce! I’ll have to try it like you did….:)

  2. Oh she is just so precious! And, I can’t wait to have conversations like that with my mom 🙂 I’m sure she will be all over me!

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