journal: sleep begets sleep? not always

We had a great day in term of naps. Between swing, pacifier and bouncing in my arms, she took two 1.5 hrs long naps in the morning, two 30 min and one an hour long naps in the afternoon. I was excited about how well things are turning around. Once after a feeding she looked around with her big cute eyes by her own without crying and begging to pick her up. I though well, she will give us a good night sleep, at least longer than 2 hrs stretches. well…. I was wrong, the book was wrong, the theory is flawed. 👿

Let’s start from the beginning

I had breakfast while she took her nap in the swing.


I made again a pumpkin bread pudding, this time adding 2 tbsp of protein powder and it avoided the explosion in the microwave and it made the pudding more in shape. :)



more naps while I blogged and scheduled to attend La Leche League meeting this. Friday. So excited to meet other moms in the area.

One of the naps was in the crib 🙂


I sit on the ball to put back the pacifier when it dropped out


sleepy baby!

taking advantage of Sofia’s short nap I made a quick lunch. Baked salmon with wine, tamari and brown sugar, and a cucumber tomato corn salad


I took a short nap in the afternoon with S and walked 3 miles on the treadmill when she took the long nap in the swing with my mom putting back the pacifier few times. Still loving to be able to move, even just bit! 🙂
Had an old favorite: lotus powder!


My mom and I took turn to have dinner. I made again the high protein mushroom stroganoff but without the mushroom. I used eggplant instead of mushrooms and the rest the same.



Although it’s still very tasty, I like the original one with mushroom more.

S had some good awake moment before I bath her.



Only those moments she reveals her beauty and big curious eyes.


She definitely loves the bath although I think even she likes it, she is still not sure what’s going on.


Love when my girl looks peaceful.

After nursing and holding up, I put her down at 8:30 pm. I went downstairs to prepare for pumping. 10 min later she started to fuss. What? It hasn’t happen since last Wednesday,so why now? I gave her the pacifier, she calmed down a bit, closed her eyes, but then woke up again. This process continued until 10:10pm. I gave in and offered my breast. She nursed for 7 min and finally settled in and slept until 12:40. If not because the 7:30 feeding was 30 min long, I would have thought she didn’t eat enough. So I just don’t know what happened during those two hours that she couldn’t sleep. Now I start wondering if she has gas or reflux problems that prevent her to settle down. I will call the per today to see if I need to get medicine for her.

It finally stopped raining and it’s sunshine outside. Although I had only 5 hrs of bad sleep (thinking about sleep!), I feel energized. 🙂 We plan to go to the Walmart to return nursing bras that I got online (too big) as an excuse to take S out for the day! 🙂



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4 responses to “journal: sleep begets sleep? not always

  1. kristaskravings

    Hang in there, Coco! It will get better, I promise!

  2. your posts make me smile every morning –sofia is SO cute! and you look great 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh her big eyes staring at the camera- so beautiful!

    Wow, lots of little naps… Reflux was our syruggle, we diagnosed it ourselves so his pack n’ play sleeper by our bed is elevated on one side, that way he is propped up a little and isn’t bothered by reflux. He also naps on an elevation in his bouncy… But it looks like Sophia’s swing is elevated, too. And I’m always offering him milk if he fusses, after trying everything else (play, sing, read, rock, bounce, burp..haha) but I know that soon milk won’t be the solution each time!

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