Sofia: 1 month

This is a delayed post, on 10/26 Sofia turned 1 month old. 😆 How time flies!!!

Let’s see what happened from my last weekly update. The biggest issue is sleep. I was hoping that as she gets bigger, she’d sleep longer and better. But that didn’t happen. If anything, it got worse. Sigh…. baby didn’t read the book before coming out. It’s on mama’s duty to teach her, if she knows how.

Awake time: we used to “play” with her when she’s awake, not anymore. No more playing because I try to put her into sleep within 1-2 hours after she wakes up which also includes feeding time and diaper change. it’s not always successful and many times she ends up dozing on my arms or my mom’s but at least we avoid overestimulate her.


Sleep: I think I already talk about this enough! Still work on progress. Night sleep is good, at least it takes me 30 min to sooth him into sleep the first time (8pm) and then after each night feeding she goes back to sleep pretty easily. She still sleeps between 2-3 hrs each time, hopefully that gets longer and night feeding reduces from 3 to 2.


Feeding: she’s been eating every 2-2.5 hrs if she does not take naps, longer up to 4 hrs if she sleeps. I think sometimes I offer breast to her when she is not really hungry for food but for comfort. So I will try follow the EASY schedule to make sure each feeding she takes a full meal. Hopefully she learns to get comfort some other way, maybe a pacifier.


Crying: she had been crying more, especially when we don’t hold her when she’s sleepy. Also, if she wakes up and doesn’t see either me or my mom, she screams. She doesn’t cry when we change diaper/cloth anymore, neither at bathing time. One month ago at the hospital, when I hear her crying, I wanted to cry, it broke my heart. But now, I’ve came to realize that crying is normal for babies and it’s not bad parenting when they do that. its still not pleasant to hear her crying, in particular when she cries looking at me like begging to pick her up, but I don’t feel too bad when she does that.


Weight: at her one month check up, she weighted 8 lbs 5 oz, and 21 inches. that’s another pound gain from the two weeks appt, 2 lbs in total from leaving the hospital.


Likes: being hold, looking around, sleep sheep, party noises, car ride, stroller walk, bouncer seat with extra bounce.

Dislikes: swing (she used to nap in it, and now she seems to hate it), not getting attention from us.

Misc: she starts to look around when we hold her up with wide open eyes as if she’s really looking into something. And sometimes when I talk to her, she looks me back as she’s understanding. It’s just so cute to see how curious she’s about the surroundings. Her neck is getting stronger, she can hold herself up for quite a while. Finally, her umbrical cord has fell off so we started real bathing her and she really likes it. I think it helps calming her down and easier to fall sleep at night. Some of newborn cloths are getting small. We’ve been mixing newborn with 0-3 months clothes and I love how cute she looks in separate pieces outfits! 🙂 And she started using #1 diapers too. How fast she grows!!!




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4 responses to “Sofia: 1 month

  1. She’s such an adorable baby! It’s so fun to see them hold their head up, makes you realize how big and strong they are now. Hope sleeping gets better for you guys, take it one day at a time 🙂

  2. Sofia is gorgeous and looks so sweet and perfect. The sleep will get better. Hang in there Coco. You’re doing an amazing job mama! 🙂

  3. Jun

    Aww she is such a darling! I’m so glad she’s healthy and most definitely happy under your care. I’ve always wanted to ask: do u speak to her in English or Mandarin? I’m guessing the latter? 😀

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