Journal: getting better! YEY! :)

the sleeping got much better yesterday. I didn’t touch any caffeine contaminated drink/food and I think Sofia is getting back to her normal self! 🙂 I hope it’s really the caffeine, we will see how it goes for few more days! hopefully we found the “convict”.


yesterday morning I took over the shift at 3:45am. I slept almost 7 hours so by the time I woke up I couldn’t go back to sleep in my room. Sofia started to make noises, I run to the nursery and she stopped. I came back to my room, the moment I lied down, the cry came out of the monitor again. I run back to the nursery and I stayed! since the room was dark and she was facing inside, I still watch her face through the monitor although I was just beside the crib! 😯 obsessive mom, here I am!

after another feeding session I carried her downstairs to have breakfast with us. she looked comfortable in the lounge


I had a egg white cheese Sandwich for me with a decaf chai latte


shortly after that, another feeding and hold her up for 30 min. put her down in the crib, waited 5 min, still asleep! YEY! mission accomplished.

I went to the studio to blog while checking her out on the monitor


she made noise several times but with the eyes closed so I didn’t run to her and let her settle down by herself.

she napped for 1.5 hrs!!! 😆

more feeding and holding, but this time she didn’t want to nap in the crib, so I hold her while she slept


you got to do what you got to do to make the baby sleep!

lunch time came and I made a quick easy meal


salad with grilled salmon and a corn

after lunch we went to Sarah’s baby shower


the moment I started driving, Sofia started to sleep

and she slept the whole afternoon while we were at the party! thats almost 3 hrs!!! and furthermore, the music and the chatting was loud and she didn’t even moved. I offered herd breast once, she ate for 10 min and went back to sleep. I was telling friends that she was sleeping well these days and nobody believed me! Sarah joked that I should take some Nigerian music to play at home! 🙂

look how comfortable she slept on my lap.



While she slept, we ate Nigerian food.



Since I was quite full when we got home, I made a light dinner


sauté squash with mushrooms and celery with the olive preserve, and a corn


oh….I’ve missed this olive preserve, it’s so good for any stir fries

after we ate, we gave Sofia a full bath in the bath tub! it was her first real bath and she enjoyed a lot! 🙂 I think we will bath her every day as a night bed routine.

after a long nap in the afternoon I was afraid she wouldn’t stick to the 8pm schedule. I finished nursing her around 7:45, hold her for 15 min and she still seemed unsettled. I didn’t know why, so I tried the white noise, I turned the sleep sheep on, and a minute later, she closed on her eyed and settled down on my shoulder. I hold her for a another 15 min and she wad in deep sleep. I out her down in the crib, and she didn’t even moved a bit. 😆 Lesson learned, white noise works!!!



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2 responses to “Journal: getting better! YEY! :)

  1. Oh my goodness I can’t believe how much our babies sound alike! Your experiences with no naps, like the other day, is proof that us mommies are never alone in our struggles.

    So glad your sweet girl had great naps today! She is absolutely beautiful, by the way 🙂

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