Postpartum: 3 weeks

I feel much better after the second week, almost myself again. 🙂

Symptoms: soreness down there is completely gone. Back pain is also gone. However, I still feel some soreness on my feet at night, just as what I felt during the last trimester. I suspect it’s more hormone induced rather than tiredness since I don’t walk other than to the bathroom these days. Hopefully it goes away as well soon.

Bleeding: still bleeding a bit, but very very little, one panty per day is enough.

Body: not major changes since I was back to shape already after the first week. Maybe I lost another pound, which makes me 2 lb away from pre-pregnancy weight. I think at least 1 lb goes to my breasts! 😉 It’s often said that while you’re breast feeding you hold an extra 5 lbs, so I think I won’t lose it any time soon. The most important thing now is to eat well and establish a good milk supply, which I think I do fortunately. 🙂

In term of body shape, especially abs muscles, I do want to get it back. So I plan to get back to exercising after the 6 weeks doc check up.

From the pic, my belly shrunk a bit more, but still not completely




According to books, the uterus goes back to pre-pregnancy size after 6 weeks, so I’ll see how that goes. 🙂

Since I’m feeling normal already, it’s hard to not be active yet, not even walking. I can’t wait to get out of the house (in a week) and start working out again (in 3 weeks), it always bring peace to my mind. 🙂



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4 responses to “Postpartum: 3 weeks

  1. Shanan

    Hi Coco,
    Congrats on your new bub! Hope your confinement is going well too. I’m planning to get an electric breast pump, so can I know how do you like your Medela Freestyle? Is it good and works well for you? Did you buy it from Thank very much!

    • balancejoyanddelicias

      hi Shanan, I like the medela free style a lot because it’s small, easy to carry in any bag in contrast to medela in style that has the battery in the bag, it’s not noisy for me and it’s easy to use. I bought in a breastfeeding center in DC since it matches any price. online you can find through direct dealer for 300, but that’s not returnable for free. let me know if you have any other question. are u pregnant or have a baby too? do you have a blog?

  2. Shanan

    Oh yeah… is it noisy? I read some reviews said it is quite noisy…

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